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Part 25: Chapter Twenty-Four

Update Twenty-four

Let's go get Ricequeen for completely arbitrary reasons. If it seems like I'm rushing from here on out, it's because classes have restarted and work is crazy and time is crunched and I'm ready to be done, not that the game is any better or worse. Despite what it seems I still like this game a lot!

That and to be honest the main interesting parts of the game from here on out is regetting the characters and their extra scenarios and how they've changed. The open-endedness of the game from here on out doesn't offer much to this LP since I'm not delivering every line everyone says!

That being said, Jidoor is just as fucked as Zozo. I have a lot of good shit in my inventory this time, so this encounter never really happened.

TheRealJon: I detest sleep. Waking means I've slept, and sleep dissolves what certainty I have left.
Ricequeen: How am I supposed to translate this pokemon tentacle doujin with all these interruptions?
Greasnin: Aww, look at all the little lawn gnomes come to play!

In case it's not obvious, Greasnin is the painting.

Frolixo: Shut up, Ben 'Greasnin' Platt! You are the epitome of all things not funny.

And Frolixo is the other side of the painting. Back when I was a lurker many years ago, I loved articles from these two dudes.

They are both murdered quite viciously.

TheRealJon: I'm not even supposed to be here today! I blame those damn otakus, getting me all horny over naked ganguro girls with their kawaii faces and mosaic pussies.
TheRealJon: Please, you can have the Yiff token, it's in the bookshelf.

We take it. It's a Frylock.

TheRealJon: Yiff Tokens and Japanese dickgirls turned me into a pedophile WAH WAH WAH
Ricequeen: Let's go find GeekTheMage! He gets weird when he's by himself.

Sounds good to me! The airship needs more deadweight.


Well, that was a waste of 100,000GP. Good thing I have extra!

Geek dances around like a crazed idiot.

No idea why I put Jeddite in my party.

Ricequeen: I figured you would like that. I got the Japanese version yesterday off of IRC.
GeekTheMage: They'd better explain the Burakku Tekkunorogii this time. Teyandee!

I thought about climbing the tower but I've completely ignored magic for this most part this whole game and my characters are relatively anemic with it so I didn't bother. I'll come back later if I decide to care about the Gem Box.

I'll be back.

Let's go collect a couple more characters.

Well, that was easy.

This is for a character we haven't met yet. SECRECY.

Isnoop will want this.

Though I don't think he's hungry right now.

These guys eat it.

Is this implying that the dog is Radium? That would be pretty goddamn awesome if it was.

Isnoop: THIS IS REAL. THIS IS IMPORTANT. THIS IS THE INTERNET. Does that guy come here, that guy that has the old face and yells at people?

Hamburglar: me eat them.

This has nothing to do with anything but I found it amusing at the time. This is the kind of stuff I cut out a lot because there's hundreds of lines almost exactly like this.

What the hell is he doing with Delpino?


Isnoop: I have zero friends, no girlfriend and intense fear of all social situations. But I paid to make friends - internet friends, no less, so I shall rejoin you!

And, just like that, the dream team is reunited!

Next time:

Eh, you know what, screw it. Let's get OMGWTFBBQ too.

OMGWTFBBQ: Damn...all they want is some ice cream. They say if you wish real hard, the ice-cream phantom comes.
You Am I: Tell me the story about ice cream again!

Moron Duane comes in.

OMGWTFBBQ: As a representative of Retards With Wishes, which is a part of Make A Dumb Wish Come True, which in turn is part of the Eating Lethal and Endangered Animals While They're Alive foundation, I shall not rest until ice cream is had by all retards!

Awww shit

Evilpie: Oooo, Hell has changed a lot since I have last been here.
Boy: The A-Team did this sort of thing at least twice an episode.
OMGWTFBBQ: I hate to admit it but we are all going to die.

Here's a fun fact about X JAKK that I haven't brung up until now. I usually use his Rage to insta-kill the bosses, but there seems to be a 50-50 chance...

...of him just escaping the battle. If everyone else is dead, it usually counts as a victory in our favor. Since everyone is still alive, I'm down a teammate.

For whatever reason, he came back for the second round. Work this time, damn you!

The kids all scatter from OMGWTFBBQ.

OMGWTFBBQ: It was about time I sent you on a one-way trip to THE NEXT DIMENSION!!
One of the kids: What the fuck are you wearing? I should kick your ass right now, loser.
OMGWTFBBQ: You shall never beat me for I am PRINCE of all Saiyan's...HA...HA.....HA!
One of the kids: Those clothes not only make your ass look big, it also makes you look uglier than you already are.
One of the kids: Put it back in the closet, go for a jog, then gimme some dinner and sex. Dumbass.
OMGWTFBBQ: ...unwind a little and see what life has to offer're actually kind of cute.
OMGWTFBBQ: I am going to find the Ice cream phantom, and there shall by ice cream for everybody!!

OMGWTFBBQ: I am the protector of the innocent. I am the truth in the darkness. I am truth. ALLY TO GOOD! NIGHTMARE TO YOU!
One of the kids: I guess I should say THANKS! Little punk. You're just lucky you caught me in a good mood.
OMGWTFBBQ: I am going to leave King REoL flat like a pancake and I like my pancakes very flat!

Well King REoL's in for a world of hurt then, little benchwarmer!

Next time: