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Original Thread: 64 Soldiers Fighting A Land War in Asia: Let's Play Battlefield 4



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Guest: Scarf

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Guest: kalonZombie

Guest: Victor Reznov

Guest: Tin Tim

Guests: Blind Sally and Nine Gear Crow

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Guest: Robot Randy

What is Battlefield 4?

It's a sequel to international sensation Battlefield 3, which I already did an LP of. BF4 launched on all major platforms and was a launch day release for the next gen consoles. It is probably more famous right now for that launch being incredibly buggy than successful. Battlefield 3 sold 8 million copies in the first month of availability, Battlefield 4 took nearly three months to get there. The multiplayer is fantastic (when it works), but the single player is a train wreck of unbelievable proportions. Clearly meant to appeal to the Call of Duty crowd, SP tells the story of Tombstone Squad; a US Navy(?) special forces group that starts the game running from a deal gone bad and ends up starting a small war with China that occupies much of the game's story. There's more to it than that, but just be glad there isn't much more.

In the single player mode you take control of Recker, a man who is placed in charge of a squad of Marines known as Tombstone Squad after Dunn, the squad leader, dies in the first mission. The squad also includes Irish, who is voiced by Omar Little himself: Michael K. Williams. Irish is the least likable character in the game for the most part, but he has competition from just about everyone else you meet. We also have Pac, who is totally there to say words on occasion and round out your three to four person squad. You can command your squad to shoot at people and objects, but it seems like more luck than leadership when they kill someone.

Why are you doing this to yourself?

Self loathing? I thought it would make for an interesting LP as this is easily one of the worst modern military first person shooter campaigns to come out in recent memory. Also, I'm not doing this alone, each video is going to have a guest commentator helping me stay sane as I re-watch my own gameplay footage and wonder why the hell I did this to myself. I'm also really itching to play more multiplayer and show that off as I have a lot of fun with it.


The big appeal of BF4 isn't the single player campaign, but the multiplayer game modes. Once the bugs are worked out it could easily be the most fun Battlefield experience in a while. As with BF3 the player limit is 64, but the game adds a commander mode (useless) that allow a 65th and 66th player to drop supplies, use UAVs and launch cruise missiles to help their team. The game launched with a ton of modes, ranging from Counter-Strike like Defuse to the classic Conquest. I'll mostly be playing Conquest or new game mode Obliteration. However, this will make almost no sense if you don't play Battlefield. There is a lot going on at any one time, so I'm going to do a few videos on the basics. First; a series of videos that explain how the game works, the classes and vehicles. Then some more free form stuff that shows off what people call "Battlefield Moments," a term that describes some of the impossibly awesome stuff you can do in a game that is as open and adaptable as Battlefield 4. There will probably also be some goon fuck around videos. If you own the game on the PC and want to get in on some rounds let me know and I'll try to include you.


Expect to see a singleplayer video every week. Unlike other LPs I've done I'm bringing people along for the ride, a different one every video if I can help it. In addition, expect to see some larger posts every now and again that are associated with multiplayer videos. The latter will probably be up more often, but I'm shooting for at least once a week.


Multiplayer is going to be a huge part of the LP, this is the post where I'll be collecting all the posts pertaining to multiplayer things.

Table of Contents

About Multiplayer
No one is going to try to hide the fact that Battlefield 4 had a rough launch. It did, though an EA official once said Battlefield 4 had a smoother launch than in a round about way. Battlefield games have always been a challenging prospect at launch, BF4 was no different and for many there are still major issues with bugs, glitches and connections. I don't plan on going into a bug hunt here, but if I run into one I'm not going to shy away from using that video because of it.

Instead, I'd like to focus on the gameplay, maps, classes and vehicles on offer in the game. I'll be playing a mix of solo and in parties with Goons and posting warts-and-all videos. I'm not an amazing player, but I know the game really well and can pull off some serious maneuvers when the need arises. Once I get a few videos of the different classes and such under my belt I'll start putting up full matches that don't focus on any one class or vehicle in particular, but for the first couple videos I feel the need to sort of ease people into the game as it is extremely busy and if you've never played a newer Battlefield game it could be confusing.
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