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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

by valkhorn

Part 26: Reverse Caverns part 2

Part 28 - Reverse Caverns part 2

YT Description:


We finally take care of the rest of the Reverse Caverns, but first, I show off what the Alucard Shield can do with the Shield Rod spell, and we face Death again for the 3rd time. I also switch weapons to the Chakram because it looks pretty and has a range that is quite useful. Later on, we face another Doppleganger - and I decide to... iron... things out with him if you know what I mean. Finally, the section with the Dark Octopodes is a fantastic place to grind your Muramasa - but I've already done that elsewhere so I don't need to really stick around.

New Boss:

EDIT: I just realize I missed picking up a Power of Sire. I'll make a point of getting it early in the next episode.