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Part 6: Cast and bosses of Episode 6

This was stuck in youtube's processing limbo for at least a day.

Boy, an underwater level and water kills us. I wonder how we're gonna get through there.

Tidal Gargoyle

Water used to be our Nemesis but now, thanks to the Water Crest, we're one with it.
Now, granted, the Tidal Gargoyle's use is fairly limited. It's only ever useful in water.
And there's exactly one water level in the game but in the water he's a beast.
His attack when he's underwater one-shots pretty much everything except bosses
and the one under water level does a good job making you use his abilities.


He's... just look at him. I go into this a little more in the video but I'm not too fond of the Crawler.
The fight does not feel intense at all and the only reason you're gonna die is of exhaustion because the fight takes so long.
He has three attacks. He spawns flying zombies and throws demon babies. He can also cause an earthquake that bakes debris fall from above.
And save for one which might hit you because it's random they are all easy to dodge.


It's a giant snail, though, Holothurion most likely means sea cucumber since they are classified as Holothuroidea
and their poison is called Holothurin.
I'm not sure if it's because of the Tidal Gargoyle's power or not, but he goes down rather quickly.
Still, Holothurion is dangerous. His only attacks are sucking and blowing. This doesn't sound too bad now, does it?
Well, he creates a current and tries to draw you in for big damage or push you into one of the
organic red orbs that circle around him.