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Part 3: It's Death Valley for a Reason

Sorry for double post, but update!

Update 2: It's Death Valley for a Reason

Alright, now that we're our stabby friend Chompers the Guilmon, let's get started in Death Valley.

But wait! Tutorial Time! And Music!

Press A to attack, B to block, X to jump. Y button uses the largest healing item you have at the moment this bites me in the ass later

Yeah. Guilmon is weak with regular attacks. 7 damage is pitiful for things that have like 50 health.

But we succeed anyway.

The Spiral Attack is triggered by spinning the Control stick and attacking.

It's okay, though I don't use it much.

MP Techniques are Chompers' main method of attack. He deals 30 damage per fireball.

So let's roast a slug.

The Charge Attack is used mainly for breaking blocks. It takes just a little too long to charge up for it to be very useful against enemies.

But if you charge it until you start glowing yellow and let go...

We get goodies! Success! That's an HP Disk, a health restoring item. The alpha on the end means that it's the first tier of five, alpha being the worst.
What, you thought they'd give you something nice? Although any HP item is a full heal right now.

The last test is just "kill everything in the room".

Stabbing times!

After killing everything with extreme prejudice, we open up the bridge to this place. Going onto Death Valley means we can't come back here ever.
The chest in the last screenshot contained an MP Disk Alpha, which is the basic MP restore.

The game throws these up every now and then. I think they're pretty cool.

And we're finally in the game with new music! We start out on this little blue platform and....
wait what is that there it looks like plot

yes its plot

We'll be entering the Unknown Server to start an investigation. The Exploration Force of Digi-Elves will record all cautions and other oddities that we see. Those who follow us can use these recordings as reference for this area.

Though this is kind of important. The little blue things always have helpful tips and hints for us if we go up to them.

Over the bridge, we see some Goburimon. These little buggers aren't dangerous by themselves, but they can gang up on you right quick.

Since I'm using Guilmon, I'll be using the tried-and-true method of "mash A until everything is dead". The Daggers are so fast that they interupt most enemy attacks.

Oh jeez this is lucky. The Tech Up notification is only on screen for a second, which is why it started to fade away. Tech Ups increase the proficiency with that type of weapon, which means you can use more powerful weapons if your tech is high enough.

But anyway, we come to a fork in the road. Going up the hill is recommended, because...

We receive BITS and goodies.

Gate Disks allow us to run back to Home Server if we need to. I try to avoid needing to use these.

The other pill is an HP Alpha.

Going back the other way triggers another tutorial, this one on traps and doors.

Those rocks explode, by the way.

Occasionally, you need to collect ID Passes to continue.

Yep, we have the return of dungeons from Digimon World 2.

After collecting all necessary ID Passes, go back to the door and trigger the last point.

Alright, tutorial over. Let's just go north and

Oh. Well, crap. Getting killed isn't the end of the world, it's just time consuming.

When you die, you drop these collections of data. It holds all of your BITS and some of your EXP.

With Guilmon's weak attack, I couldn't really kill all those Numemon that got shot from a cannon. So let's leave that for later.

Going the other way nets us a Dyno Tooth Alpha, the basic non-starter Dagger. I won't be using it, as it lowers Wisdom.

Past the exploding rocks, we come to another fork. There's nothing interesting up top, but if we follow the path that way...

We come to a Security Hole. These things are lifesavers if you are out of healing items. You can just use a Gate Disk inside the little bubble and it takes you right back to Home Server. You can return using the Emergency Gate.

Since I have 25 health, we should probably do that.

One visit to the Heal Circle later...

Taking the right path from the Security Hole or the left road at the previous fork takes us down here. This is a dungeon, but we won't be going there just yet.

Going back and re-killing all the enemies that respawned actually earned me a Level Up. The little icon thing is only on screen for a little bit, so I couldn't get it.
Also that's an Ogremon, a bigger Goburimon that hurts a lot more.

It also dropped a Core. Cores go in the Armor slot of our inventory and boost some stats while lowering others. This Cipher Core boosts Max MP, which is really useful.

There's also this switch. It doesn't do anything that I can find. I looked and I see nothing.

Let's try killing those Numemon again, shall we?

I wasn't kidding about the cannon thing.

Oh wow. I didn't expect that. That's an X-Data, and they drop really infrequently unless you kill certain enemies. They do stuff we don't care about yet.

Fucking Numemon go away!

You need two ID Keys to enter the Goblin Fortress. But we have no idea how to obtain them.

What, didn't you guys watch the tutorial? They're in the dungeons.

Remember where the Security Hole was? Going back there and taking the other path takes us to the border of the world. Continuing this way would take us to a place we don't want to go.

I can't believe the Digimon in this area, who are our friends, attacked us. We'll advance deeper into areas of this Unknown Server to investigate this strange occcurrence.

No Leomon no don't do it

You're going to die

And with Chompers posing like he's cool, we get ready to enter the Humid Cave.

No really that's what it's called.