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Part 5: Just a Bit of Grief

Update 4: Just a Bit of Grief

hey hey shut up it's not easy coming up with bad puns for titles okay

Alright, now that we have the Blosso ID we can head out to the next area in Death Valley.

By the way, I went and sold off all of my stuff to the shop and bought a Wisdom Subboard. So that's to blame for differences in HP and MP.

The Digimon we get at the beginning of each area is more or less random. I got Goburimon this time.

Over where the Exploration Team Note 3 was is the area change notice.

I don't know if I brought this up before, but Ogremon is essentially a bigger Goburimon. Not much more of a threat, but a bit more.

I'll get to the part on the right next, I just wanted to get rid of the Goburimon that spawn so that I didn't have to deal with them later.

Also, enemies in different areas give different EXP rewards.

Oh boy, barrels.

Heading to the right brings us to the Donkey Kong section. This will be barrels of fun, let me tell you.

*insert points-gained sound here*

The only way to get around these is by jumping over them. I usually stay on the left side, because it seems to drop fewer barrels.

Now, this is new.

The jumps here won't kill you. They'll just...

make you....uh...


Well, I didn't expect to make it here already.

In here we have an old friend.
Barely one update old.

Let's kill Blossomon again, shall we?


Ooh, and level up too!

Going the way that was opened up leads us to somewhere we don't want to be yet.

Going back the way we came is just a matter of jumping on the things again.

welp look at me being all bad at jumping and stuff.

Falling down the pit reduces your life to zero, then respawns you here with one HP. It does go down to zero, I couldn't catch the single frame.

Remember where those three goblins were a boss fight ago? Going that way leads to a split path.
Taking the road down leads us to here, where it's possible to get a king goblin. I didn't.

Going the other way will take us to the bridge. This area has two bridges that lead to the same place. This is the earlier one.

It also leads us to amazing swag.

These Beam Magnums are Shot 90 items.

I want to use them.

This leads me into making a horrible decision.

moving on...

The second bridge leads here.

There was really only some money in between the two.

fucking hell be king already

Going up the hill leads us to another king goblin spawn. I didn't get lucky.

But between the two bridges on the other side of the mountain....

is the dungeon.

This is a horrible idea.

Strike a pose, Chompers!

So for those who care it's the Abyss of Grief