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Part 6: A Shot in the Dark

Update 5: A Shot in the Dark

All right then.

If you'll remember an update ago...

Last Update posted:

It also leads us to amazing swag.

These Beam Magnums are Shot 90 items.

I want to use them.

This leads me into making a horrible decision.

moving on...

I mentioned a horrible decision.

This horrible decision is this:

To do the whole dungeon with the shot pistols. Because I need to get some Tech points in it.

Let's get started.

This is the Cliff Dungeon. Imaginative title, I know.

Same music as last time, so no link.

These things are around the dungeon every now and then. I just keep expecting something to jump out as if this were a slasher movie.

Fuck these things are terrifying.

The main enemy for this floor is Sukamon. These things take forever to kill with the Shot Pistols, because every other shot gets blocked and it deals like 5 damage.

So why not just spawn five more.

This thing took me about 25 minutes to do. The video is shorter, because I cut out a lot of shit.

aaaa Sukamon go away

Fortunately, after that room we hit a branch. Taking the left branch takes us to a map room.

The right branch, though, takes us to more Sukamon. Six, to be precise.

oh god kill it kill it

That's a lot of Sukamon. In this dungeon, my health drops like a stone. I entered here with five HP Disks.

Following the right branch takes us up here, to more Sukamon.

There's nothing interesting up north, just another weapon to sell.

no, the shock floors don't work on enemies.

Ignoring that southern branch, taking the left one leads us to a gimmick room. There's a button in between the shock floors.

The reason I ignored the southern branch is because it loops around.

More Sukamon. These guys manage to chase me south, just because I can't kill them.

That button opens the door connecting this tunnel and the map room from the start of the dungeon. There's also an MP Disk in the chest.

aaaaaaa so many sukamon

Yes, this dungeon loves to throw waves of enemies at you. It gets ridiculous on the third floor.

Oh, did I mention that there are three floors? Mostly filled with Sukamon?

they're getting smarter oh god

The last barrier between us and the floor exit is four Sukamon. There are only two in the image, but two waves.

Well, one down. Two to go.

All with the underpowered pistol.

And right off the bat Sukamon.

Fortunately, though, this floor adds some enemies.

This is my Tech sheet. Notice the difference between the Shot and Stab stats.

The first Ogremon of many.

stupid flash animation

This is a 3-Ogremon gauntlet.

I even get a level up out of it.

I don't need to use that Security Hole now, but I probably will soon. I'm almost out of HP Disks.

god this place gets confusing quick.

This is north from the Hole. Going north leads us to....

...more Sukamon! Suprising, right?

The next room following the path has a button. Up from the button is something nice.

That being treasure and a map. Still no HP Disks, though.

this long corridor is home to two more Sukamon.

not HP no interest

The MP Disk is at the end of a branch.

The top part of the branch? Wonder what's there? Maybe an Ogremon or three?

Of course. More Sukamon. How could I have been so foolish.

After killing them we get to the other side of that wall.

Following the corridor takes us to a button.

This button takes us back to the Security Hole. We just made a giant circle.

Anyway, we're pretty beat up and no HP disk. So let's just go back and

I forgot to buy Gate Disks.


moving on then.

Not now, Sukamon.

Oh. That's good. That's a Fire PWR Chip. Those go in Mod slots, which we have none of.

I'll explain more about those later.

Two surprise Ogremon. Of course.

because there just weren't enough

After the Sukamon, there's a big room with a bunch of Ogremon.

Did you know that after a certain point, the Ogremon just despawn? It happened a lot.

So I got tired of it.

Thankfully, the last room of this floor is a treasure room.

What's better is that there's an HP Disk

That's all for this floor. Onto the next!

The first thing we see on the next floor is a new enemy. I like to call these things "Bats", though their official title is "Mecha Rogue 1".

And the game REALLY loves throwing them at us.

die darn you

And with the Shot Pistol's low damage, I can't really hurt them.

Well. This was unexpected. Key Chains are what we use to trade with PrinceMamemon, the smug asshole.

After killing every one of the bats, we head north to find this. Pretty nice, though the chests had nothing good in them.

This is our first instance of one-way "doors". Or ledges, if you prefer. We can't jump that high.

The next room has a bunch of Ogremon. There isn't much room to maneuver.

So let's take a bad situation and make it worse! I ran back to the ledge, and forgot that I couldn't kill Ogremon that quickly.

Several corridors have surprise Numemon attacks. These are annoying but not aggravating, because my Shot skill is at least high enough now to kill them fairly rapidly.

By increasing your Tech points in a weapon, your damage slowly increases, and your chance of hitting increases.

Breakable walls show up now. Have fun attacking every wall to figure out where the invisible one is.

More Suckamon.

oh man how did I not think of that portmanteau earlier

oh boy oh boy this is fun now.

It gets a little out of hand, though one drops another Fire PWR Chip.

Another day, another surprise Ogremon.

And more Bats. Seriously, the game loves these things.

Though we at least get a level up out of the deal. And five more X Data.

The Bats love dropping rarer stuff. It's weird like that.

After killing the Bats, we can head down here.

This leads us to a room with a button. That button is so very tempting, though I know it's going to cause problems.

I hate it when I'm right.

The other side has a similar button, only this thing poops out yellow poops instead of ogres.

And we find the Health Regainer Thing (tm). A boss is coming soon....

And here he is! Mammothmon, the Ancient Animal Digimon.

He has two attacks:

Tusk Crusher, where he hits your digimon for ridiculous amount of damage with little to no hitstun...

...and Charge, where he, well, charges.

He's not hard when you get the pattern down. Just keep circling him and don't get too close.

With that, Mammothmon collapses, spent, and decays into our prize.

The MammothmonID.


why is this one MammothmonID while the other was BlossoID.

this game is weird.


Cool, we even get a Booster Pack. These things give us cards. They're useless collectibles.

And here's my Shot score from the end of the dungeon. Not high enough, so looks like a few more tries before we get there.

And now to get out of this hellhole.

See you later!...stupid dungeon.

By the way if you die in a dungeon none of the traps reset.

No I didn't die that's silly I just tested this out okay

For those who wish to watch it it's the Cliff Dungeon