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Part 8: No Paddle in Sight

Update 7: No Paddle in Sight

So this update was really fun to do. Let's get started with it.

If you recall, this is the dock right after the second Blossomon fight.

This is the Numenume River. You can't get past here unless you have the Boat Key. If you don't have one, head back.

We have one of those, so we can continue.

So let's get on the boat here.

Alright, so you should really watch this. It's the Numenume river. Also, new music. I like this track - it feels kind of adventurous.

christ those cages are adorable.

Your damage will become the damage to the boat, so be careful! You can't recover HP or MP here and you can't use gate disks, either. Destroy the Numemon cages and the Digi-Elves can return to the Main Lobby! Try and rescue them all, you're our only hope!

So the gist of this is that it's a rail shooter. You can only use guns and MP techs to kill stuff, which is why I got Shot up to 210. Each cage takes 5 shots to destroy.

Though I also had another reason to get Shot up.

die die ahahahah

Because the new guns kick ass. Guaranteed knockdown, two-shot kill.

Here's a good example of everything that you have to deal with. The Numemon Cage, Numemon themselves, and random missile launchers that were placed by the Numemon.

no i don't know how they did it I just get pissed off about it okay

About halfway through there's this really cool segment where we pass through some sort of fortress.

Naturally we have to destroy it.

It's a really fun segment and I enjoy it.

so many cannons aaaa

These cannons, however, I don't enjoy.

I missed the last two the first time, so I went back and did it again.

It went a little better.

That's it for this update - it's a bit short, but meh.

Sorry, but the next area was too short to add to this, and I think it would be better if this was by itself.

You should already have seen this, but it's the Numenume River.