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Carrying on from where we left off last time, it's the Doom Dome.

Welcome. First off, new enemy. It's a chicken.

After checking the Digimon who attacked us, we found a mysterious virus program, the X Virus. It is thought that they have gone bad because their data was reconfigured by the X Virus. The X Virus detection is stronger the deeper we go. What is going on here? We're going to check it out.

Can you believe that I thought that this game had a great story back when I first played it?

So the main attack of Doom Chicken is stunning us. Then running up and smacking us around.


A couple chickens and some goblins here. Nothing I can't handle.

Yeah, this isn't important. What is important is that this game looks good sometimes.

The entrance to the last dungeon in Death Valley is behind us. What's behind the bushes?

An Emergency Gate. And a Goburimon. But not just any Goburimon.

A KING Goburimon. He's no different, he just takes less damage, deals more, and has more health.

He also gives more EXP.

That's the Dagger 210. I'll be using that as soon as possible.

We have detected strong X Virus signals within this dungeon. It seems there's something just beyond here. We are proceeding with caution.

Give me a second, switching weapons...

That's better. The Double Rapier we picked up from King Goblin over behind the bushes will help tremendously.

And away we go!

with additional music

And immediately the game is trying to kill us. Cute. These trap things will pop a couple times in this dungeon.

They are, however, obnoxiously easy to dodge.

The next room is HUGE. Like, bigger than the boss rooms of the previous dungeons.
It even comes with some nice new Ogremon for us to play with.

With the new weapon, we're doing about 20-30 damage per swing. With two swords means two swings.
Yep. I love the upgraded weapons.

just look at the size of this thing

This room has four exits - the top two lead to the same place.

A room filled with Suckamon. Need I say more?

There's nothing farther north than a couple locked doors, so back to the large room.
To the right leads a room with more fucking Sukamon.


And the bats show up from the right exit. At least they're somewhat useful.

They drop good stuff. Keychains are indeed appreciated. 2/9!

Also level. Those of you keeping track at home, this is level 11.

Following the path leads us to one ogre...

That rapidly becomes 8 ogres.

oh christ i'm going to die

I get into this extremely bad situation. Only panicked A-button mashing keeps me alive.

Good to know my instincts are geared to "Holy fuck kill it kill it kill it"

Up top is a solitary Sukamon.

Followed by goodies

Left of the ogres is a map. FINALLY CHRIST.

fuck you too, game.

Back down to the large room, we take the left exit. It leads to more Sukamon.

You know, there's a game I like to play when there's only one Sukamon left in a turd form.


no I'm not bitter shut up

After that *ahem* sidetrack, heading south nets us this.

What's cool is that this place is mirrored. So the exact same thing happens here.

Of course, all that means is I have to kill more things.

of course it wouldn't go away that would be foolish

So back around we go. Fortunately, the doors that were locked are now open and offer a quick way back.

Here are the stairs to go up. Up, not down; we're already as low as we'll get.

But first a "Solo Player Fuck You"!

These buttons only stay green as long as someone is on them. So no friends? Too bad, wonder what is in there forever!

Seriously fuck that.

Alright, this is a long one. So I'm splitting the update in half here, so I don't end up getting a huge update. Next update coming soon-ish, maybe in a week.

The video for this place will be in the second half of the update, so don't be too sad.