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Part 10: Why do I get the Crusts

Update 9: Why do I get the Crusts

Alright, so second part of Doom Base let's go

The theme of this dungeon is kind of mirrors. This room is the exact opposite of the one on last floor

minus that stupid two player thing

Taking the right exit leads to bats.

Up from there leads to monies. About 12 BITS worth.

Left from the bat room leads to another bat room.

Did I mention this place has a lot of bats in it?

Two nice things, a booster and a key chain! That means I'm 1/3 of the way to an item from PrinceMamemon.

ogre ogre on the wall who's going to die first today

This is to the right of the bats, and going up from here leads to...


traps traps everywhere


Right from the Sukamon is an Emergency Gate with some Ogremon. The top part here leads to the stairs again.

WOO map! This is down from the Gate.
There were some BITS, an MP Beta, and some Board that's getting sold.

Strangely, they usually have one bat show up before a huge group of them.

Like so.

We're level 12 now, and that means we get Petty Pwr Down.

Petty Pwr Down just lowers the Attack of a Digimon. Except bosses. It falls under Force tech.

At first I thought this would be another two player only thing, but...

That isn't the case! An MP restorer, and in the next room...

An HP restorer. What have I done to earn such luxuries?

Here's Pwr Down, in the next room. Useful for leveling up tech, I guess.

There's usually a platforming puzzle on the last of the dungeons for an area. This one is simple.

Clear out the Ogremon in here, and the portal activates.

ooh ominous

watch this

Oh yeah. Meet Apokarimon. This guy is the Big Bad from Season 1.

Also awesome music

We're actually fighting on top of his base, so this guy is huge.

He has a few attacks.

These Exploding Fireballs, which he throws out...

and his Halitosis. The icy wind knocks us over.

So actually fighting this guy: Destroy the spikey balls. They hold up his green energy shield on his small base. That thing hurts.

After all the balls are gone, he shifts to his second form. He adds a new attack:

the DARKNESS. He has two variants: one where he stands still and one where he dashes at you.

the claws here pop up throughout the battle. Just block or jump.

This guy does a lot of damage. I got killed because of a stupid double hit he got on me.

So I changed out for focusing more on defense than magic. It helps.

After taking out his first form I switch to the guns, because they're long range.

It works a little better this time.

We get to check out the chests. No ID card this time.

Interestingly enough, they have separate stances and models for each weapon.

This leads to funny stuff like this.

Notice the crossed daggers in Chompers's hands claws.

And away we go!

Well, that was fun. Here's the Doom Base.