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Part 12: Alert Alert

Update 10: Alert Alert

So we've finished a job well done. Apokarimon's destroyed, we saved the day, yay.

Let's go say hi to Ophanimon.

Alright, now we're here. Let's go tell our leader that we finished off the X Virus, shall we?

so yeah I done good and stuff

I'm happy that such a skilled member has joined the D.S.G.

Yay he respects us. Maybe we can get some weapons? I've heard rumors about some really good ones...

Welp. There's this really annoying alarm beep-beep going on the entire time we're here, so that's another incentive to get this over with.

This is not good. The Divine Aura won't hold! To tell the truth, after the X virus started spreading in Digital World...

You immediately purged the system of it and saved us all? oh wait

: I connected to the Prophecy through this pod and started putting out a guard program called Divine Aura to protect the Home Server. That was how I prevented further invasion of our enemy. But I didn't expect this much X virus to attack at once!

So you screwed up.

: Oh, I don't have enough energy. We have to activate the Protection System.

Use it to start the system right away. Please. The system program is in the Main Lobby. We're counting on you!

We should get going then.

gah run run turn off the noise gah

Also notice the thing that looks somewhat like Earth in the background.

Remember this? More importantly...

remember this? We couldn't start it because we didn't have the ID card before.

That problem is solved now. This console doesn't actually solve the problem.

This is where we need to be: right outside the Junk Shop.

We head through the gate that opens up and say hi to the Digi-Elf.

will do!

There's a gate to our right. Taking that leads us to three consoles.

Two are off. One is on.

After turning them all on...


Wait, isn't Seraphimon a Digimon? I thought we were starting up a defense program...

Huh. Guess it really is Seraphimon. And if you're observant you can tell that's supposed to be a Digivice.

Back up there...

Okay! You seem to know what you're doing.

oh thank god that sound is gone

That's convenient. I hope nothing like this happens again.

But that's only while the energy of Ophanimon and myself lasts. Somehow we must stop the X virus from multiplying. We know for sure now the X virus came from Dry Land in the Doom Server.

Might I suggest spaying/neutering?

Now that's interesting. He actually does pick your highest trait. Chompers's was Wisdom, but I've gotten Strength in most of my other playthroughs.

I want you to go to Dry Land and investigate what they have over there. If you find anything you think is connected to the X virus, I want you to destroy it.

well since you asked so nicely

Alright, this is our next objective. But that's for next time.

Now, I mentioned that I went on a shopping spree. I got a few things:

A Double Rapier with two mods and a Dread Ram for starters. The Dread Ram gives us 1 MP every time we hit an enemy.

I also grabbed a Cipher Core and a Wisdom Chip. Both are pretty self-explanatory given that I've used Cipher Cores before.

Also, I grinded up to level 16. Talking to the Digi-Lab after that point gets us something interesting.

It's confirmed. Congratulations. Your DNA has learned a new Digivolve Technique.

So every digivolution is a DNA Digivolution?

Good job. Keep up the good work. We'll be cheering you on.

Aw thanks. Anyway, this is how you get all starting digivolutions. You level up one starter to 16 and get another. They cycle, so you can eventually have all 4.

I'm not going to digivolve now, since you start back at level 1. I'd like to actually progress through the game. Also there's another reason but that's a secret

If you really want your ears to bleed, listen to the alarm during the X invasion.