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Part 13: Are You my Mummy?

Update 11: Are You my Mummy?

Now that we've got that ridiculous game padding out of the way, let's get on with the story.

Alright, off to Dry Land. This place is pretty cool.

I mean, it has DINOSAURS.

This is a desert area, but we still can't contact the Home Server.

Not really sure what that has to do with anything, but okay.

Even if we head back the way we came, we'll be attacked by infected Digimon. We'll continue to move forward.

This place also has MUMMIES. These are Mummymon, Dry Land's replacement for Goburimon.

Also has some snazzy music too.

Heading right after taking those guys out...

...leads us to another new enemy - the Mecha Rogue 2, or as I like to call them, the Scorpions.

They throw poison bombs that leave pools of poison, and they also have a claw attack.

Being Mecha Rogues, however, they drop really good stuff. I hope I get a mythic rare in this pack...

Anecdotal side-note: When I first played the game, I thought that the B. Pack was a backpack that let you store more items in the field. I was so disappointed.

The obelisk in the back is what spawns the scorpions. They don't spawn infinitely, but they're a pretty good supply of exp.

Each world has a hint as to what the boss of the area is.

Oh hey more of those breakable light crystals.

This place leads nowhere at the moment. Eventually this will be a shortcut, but not now.

The left branch leads to mummies and progress.

Hey, did you know?

Mummymon catch on fire when you shoot fireballs at them. This state makes them more dangerous, because they deal 60-70 damage by touching you.

gah need a mint?

Chompers' big brother, Tyranomon, is the new Ogremon. Most enemies in this place are fire based.

I also picked up an Ice Chip Alpha that lets me deal insane damages for this point in the game.

Following the path of the Tyranomon leads to another fork. Both lead the same place, though I took the back route.

There's also a gate about halfway through the level, if you really need to leave.

The left path passes in front of here, while the right goes behind it.

The only remaining path (south from the gate) leads to more mummies.

Also dinosaurs. My usual methods for dealing with Tyranomon is to slap a Pwr Down on them, then just swing away.

The right fork after the dinosaur leads to more Leomon.

We have found that the X Virus is coming from just ahead. We are completely aware of the dangers and we're going in.

prophecy bless our troops

The left side has nothing interesting to it. Just a switch. Make sure you hit it, though.

There's also a Crowned Mummymon spawn point, but I didn't get lucky.

Next time, we take on the Sand Labyrinth. Excellent work, Chompers.

If you have some sand in your pants, watch the Mummy Desert