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Part 14: Traverse the Labyrinth

Update 12: Traverse the Labyrinth

Hey, this popped up when I entered the area. Mummymon aren't hard to fight.

Alright, let's get going. There's no way this can end poorly, right?

Well crap. Curse is a status effect that follows us through the entire dungeon. It lowers attack rate and hit chance, I believe.

also some good music.

I'm not going to lie, I had a mini heart attack when I saw this room. The only thought that went through my head is "Oh gods another two-player door." But no, it's just a door with two switches.

The next room has two more Mummymon in it. So far, nothing bad. The top door is locked, so we need to go to the sides.

The rooms on the sides each have a button and two Mummymon guarding it. It's the same on the right.

Here's where things get interesting. Mummymon can catch on fire because of the brazier, and I can put them out because of my Ice Chip Alpha. Knew that thing was a good investment. However, these Mummymon spawn indefinitely.

Hitting the top buttons opens the door that leads here. This obelisk spawns the Mummymon indefinitely, so that's kind of a pain. Two hits destroys it.

After I clear out the room, the two doors on the sides open. I take the right path first.

Nothing bad, just four Mummymon. I've taken to using the Pwr Down on all enemies, because it actually increases the damage I do.

North of there is a corridor with two Mummymon in it.

Even FURTHER north is a room with four Mummymon. This place, however, holds something special.

Welp. That's a blue weapon, which is about 10-30 points of damage better. I'll be using my guns for the remainder of this dungeon, so I can get up to the 360 Shot necessary to use these.

Huzzah, a map! This'll make getting around easier. The chests held nothing useful, just some weapons I'm going to sell.

This trap is to the left of the Beam Magnum room. It's kind of random, though I still manage to run into it due to a combination of stupidity and wanting to get a good screenshot.

Backing up to the brazier room, the left side holds a map and some more useless weapons and money. I have some sort of knack for picking the right way when I want the wrong ones, and the wrong way when I want the right ones.

That's it for this floor, so down we go.

How fitting. A minotaur in a Labyrinth.

These Minotarumon have an interesting pattern. They fire a missile at you, until you knock them down the first time.

They then go drink out of this pot. They're the replacement of the Sukamon for Dry Land, so this makes them more dangerous.

They now fire darkness balls instead of missiles. I usually slap a Pwr Down on them then keep swinging, because my guns do more damage than my magic.

No, you can't destroy the pots either. There's a barrier of some sorts.

The right path is the same thing, only there's a button to allow progress.

This is the best thing. It fully heals statuses, health, and magic. I love it. I actually come back here twice during the dungeon to refill on MP.

The left exit takes us to a map and a chest near the bottom with another weapon inside;

The center leads to nothing except two Mummymon;

and the right leads to two Minotarumon and progress.

argh so many stupid things

The hallway here leads to about four Mummymon.

Also a clever trap. There's a chest where I'm standing, and the trap fires as soon as you break it. I get hit because what the fuck game.

The next room holds four Mummymon with a spawner.

The button is to the right...

...and the obelisk is to the left.

The other side is the same, only mirrored.



The room down here has four Mintauromon. Jesus. It gets worse, too.


They start firing the heavy shots.

There's a gate here, fortunately. There were also treasure chests, that held nothing but selling goods.

South of the four Minotaurs of the Apocalypse are some buttons. The first two open the door.

The third spawns Mummymon. Oh well.

There's also a treasure room, also with nothing but weapons I'll sell. The button opens the nearest door. That door leads to another button, which opens the top door.


That door leads to more Minotarumon. Easily dispatched.

Well, there's a heal spot with the rounded room and the glass pillars. That can mean only one thing.

Boss time! SkullGreymon was the first Ultimate that the Digi-Destined saw in the anime. It came about because Agumon was forced to digivolve because Tai, his partner, corrupted the meaning of courage.

So blah blah blah he fucked shit up.

He's kind of a pushover here. His only attack is the missile launching, and that requires charge up. Just attack him once and he's knocked out of it.

Yeah. Easy.

SkullGreymon decays, spent, and leaves us our prize...

The SkullGrey ID.

christ stick with a naming pattern

The boss treasure was kind of lackluster. No B.Packs or Keychains. Just things to sell.

Oh well. Let's make like a Cherrymon and leaf this place.

sorry for that

If you feel the need to get lost, go watch the Sand Labyrinth.