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Part 15: Griefing is a Bannable Offense

Update 13: Griefing is a Bannable Offense

Some extra stuff to get done in Home Server:

Looking kinda murderous there, Chompers!

I did some off-screen grinding. Now we get the Beam Magnum Beta!

It's really not that good.

Back here, we can head into Grief Wasteland.

Arukenimon. Kind of a pain.

I hate status effects.

The X Virus signals are getting much stronger. What are those strange plants? We've never seen them before. What server is this? The further we go, the scarier it gets.

What plants? I don't see any -

Oh. Hit them a couple times, they go down. Not hard. They shoot spikes on the cardinal points, but still.

Right from the marker is a group of Mummymon. Easily dispatched.

Also a dead end with nothing good.

Past the plants is another fork. The bottom path leads to a couple dead ends.

One of the Mummymon drops some X Data, which is nice.

Well crap. This bridge isn't down yet. And I wanted to go over it so badly.

Following the path down leads to more Mummymon.

And a Tyranomon. You know the drill: Pwr Down followed by slaughter.

Surprisingly enough, the barrels only have items that I can sell.

But anyway, hit the obelisk, clear out the place. That path by the two rocks is where we'll be going next update, but I want to finish exploring first.

Following the left path leads to an Emergency Gate. We're still not going to use it.

Back on the main road, there's this T-shaped loop. It's pretty cool.

Look at that, in the top right. I wonder...

At the other side of the T is a ramp that leads up here. Destroy the obelisk, murder everything, yada yada yada.

Ah, it was a switch. Pulling this triggers a mechanical sound - almost as if something were being lowered into place.

Back at the ramp, we take the other exit. This one is pretty cool - we go down square blocks that are exact squares.

I thought it was cool shut up

surprise haha

These plant things love doing this.

There's a dead end that stops here. We're not going here yet, because we still need to do that other dungeon.

This bridge is right before the square building blocks. And we can't even continue this way because of a ledge.

Stupid Mummymon.

Cool, the switch lowered this into place.

Also Mummymon.

Alright, so the point of this little path is to provide a gauntlet for us to go through.

Most of the fights are the same: four Mummymon, then two Tyranomon.

I also get a level doing this.

Halfway through (the third of five fights) we run into this. It's four Mummymon along with an Arukenimon.

Arukenimon spit Spider Thread that makes us stop moving.

Its regular claw attack poison us. That's the Skull icon. The Boot icon means we can't move.

I hate Arukenimon. Not as much as I hate Sukamon, but still. The hate is there.

Here's that ledge we couldn't get up earlier. So this is like a shortcut for getting to that last dungeon.

And here we are, at the Ancient Ruins. This will be next update, so I'll end it here.

Chompers can't be intimidated by no ruins!

In case you feel like getting wasted, go to the Grief Wasteland