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Part 18: Power Outage

Update 16: Power Outage

This energy plant is used to move something. I have no idea what it moves?

Why'd you end your sentence with a question mark? That wasn't a question?

So our only goal here is to smash these bulbs. No enemies, no pits. Just destruction.

Hard mission, huh?

Remember here? I stopped by here during Update 13. This time, we're going in.

It seems we need two ID Keys to open this door and move forward. We think a nearby Digimon should have the keys, however...

Got 'em

Let's go!

We immediately get stopped.

The X Virus signals are stronger here, and still increasing. It seems there's something reproducing the X Virus here!

Our first travels take us to the right.

Nothing but crap to sell and some Scorpions.

oh holy fuck shit

Those are cannons, the big brother to the mounted turrets. They hit a hell of a lot harder.

We need the Guns to take them out. Hope you practiced! Each takes four hits.

We make it through alright.

Following these strangely rectangular cliffs.

They really want us to go here, don't they?

Guess I should go the other way.

Nothing good, though. Just stuff to sell.


The X Virus seems to be coming out of the MaloMyotismon Gate. It's a dangerous trap ahead. None of the Digi-Elves who have gone in have come out again. We do know this; a great amount of energy will be needed to move this electromagnetic trap.

No points for guessing the boss of this area.

We made it through because we've already been to the Power Plant and stopped the power. If we didn't, things would be different.

Made it out safely.

Ah-hah! I see, it seems the X Virus is being emitted from that antenna-like object.

Three guesses to what we're going to be doing.

The path is this walkway, with occasional turrets blocking the road. Nothing we can't handle.

Following the path leads us to the entrance to the next place, but it's locked down. There are offshoots here and there, but I stick to the main path to get to the end.

There's also a Gate for our travel-to-town needs.

There are four spires in total. Each one has Scorpions defending it.

When you shoot it, it blows up. Stay away from it, because it does about 300 damage.

Like shooting Scorpions in a pit from a higher vantage point. Wait, that's exactly what it is.

There we go. The Scorpions are being very obliging; they've dropped two Booster Packs that I didn't show.

Oh yeah. Now that we blew up all four spires, the next area opens, with the boss of Dry Land beckoning.

Let's do this.

If you missed your train, go to Station X.

Oh, and if you go to the MaloMyotismon Gate before the Power Plant?

Not fun.