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Part 19: Breeding the Irritation Virus

Update 17: Breeding the Irritation Virus

Oh yeah, X fortress time.

There's also no curse, so the murder can proceed swiftly and with no restraint

Yep. Definitely an X fortress.

The "theme" of this floor is crossroads. Each time there's a crossroad, there's also a flame spout. You can cross them safely by either waiting, or doing a charge attack.

gah laser

The map is VERY helpful here.

Also the game devs are assholes. They have the exit to the right of the next intersection, and I have to slog through the entire floor to get to it.

Each of these curved rooms with two pillars is a Pharaohmon room. Two of them inhabit each.

This is to the right of the first Pharaohmon room. The left side is blocked.

The Bats also drop me another Booster Pack. That's three.

The first switch of many. We'll be going through each branch to hit a switch to open up the next branch.

The branch that opens up is to the right of the laser room.

This path, north of the Pharaohmon room, is open because of that button we hit earlier.


There are two buttons in this room - one in the top left and bottom right corners.

Scorpions south of the laser room.

The first crossroads is now fully opened thanks to the button.

See these two player doors. See my blood pressure rise.

This is left of the first crossroads, by the way.

There are also two Minotarumon in here.

This allows us to access the button that opens the door that leads to the button that opens the doors that lead to the exit. This place can get obtuse quick, when you try to describe it.

The last set of crossroads is left of the lasers.

I have nothing against the cadavers of the deceased Egyptian Pharaohs. It's only when they start trying to kill me that I get mad.

Argh bats just go away

This opens up the last crossway north to south.

These two are already dead. They just don't know it yet.

There. Now to backtrack all the way back to the first Pharaohmon room and head left.

The Scorpions are quite obliging to getting their face ripped off.

With that button, we've finished the first floor. That was labyrinthian, but not annoying. I kind of liked it, really. The interplay between each possible path was kind of cool.

The backtracking sucked, though.

When the opening floor of the new floor starts out like this, you know you're in trouble.

This room opens to the north and the south. For the sake of finding our way around, I'll go north.

This floor follows a strange pattern. It always has a diagonal passage way with a Bat...

And then it ends with a room full of Scorpions.

These guys drop our fourth Booster Pack. Cripes, give me a break!

The dead end here is just some money. The dead end north of here (there's a locked door after the diagonal) only has a bat. See why I hate this floor?

If that's not enough, it's built like a giant spiral.

So I end up going through the same patterns over and over again, slowly making my way inward.

The locked door here on the right is only open at the last minute, right before the boss. It's kind of a pain.

South of the second Scorpion room is a room with two Pharaomon, separated by the electric fence.

Stabbing him through the fence

This leads south to the other side of the Pharaohmon room.

Level up, though.

I get a free thing in there that is useless. Selling stuff for profit, I guess

Die damnit! These guys block far too much.

The north exit here goes to the room on the other side of the locked door from the first Scorpion room, if you can picture it in your mind.

The south exit means progress.

So of course I take the north exit.

There isn't even anything useful this way, not even a chest with something to sell.

This room is in the path of the south exit from the last Scorpion room. There's a branching path before here; I'm not showing it off because it's only one Minotarumon and a button that opens a useless path.

This is similar to the jumping segment from the first X Fortress, only these platforms are moving.

They end in a fight against a lone Minotarumon.

thou shalt not pass

And we're finally back to the other side of that electric fence from the
opening room. Jesus. If I had hit the button from earlier, at the branch, the other fence would be down too.

Oh, this is a nice surprise. We got this when I hit level 22.

The conveyor belt fights us as we cross to the other side after murdering King Tut and his brother, King Utu.

It's guarded by two Minotarumon, who die like chumps. This floor wasn't as good as the first floor, probably because it was so similar.

Let's do this. Boss time!

Meet MaloMyotismon. He was the Big Bad of Season 2, and was behind every single plot event. And I mean EVERY SINGLE PLOT EVENT.

Here we go. Kind of strange music, but pleasing to the ear.

He has two positions - one walking around, where he occasionally takes a swipe at you that does middling damage (around 60)...

And one flying around. You can't hit him when he's like this.

He loves doing this far too much.

He'll shoot lightning at you while he's flying around. It might actually be threatening if you were a quadriplegic.

After a while, he'll land and create a shockwave that can be jumped over.

Then he fires lasers from his shoulder cannons.


get back here and let me kill you

Ugh, finally. That took far too long.

Burn, baby, burn!

Our prize? Nothing worth keeping. Everything was worse than what I had.

Let's just get out of here. There's one more thing I wanted to do...

My apologies, but it seems that the video for the Virus Lab was corrupted somehow. I was able to save the MaloMyotismon fight, obviously, but no more than that.

So here's the dungeon after I finished the update: The Virus Lab.