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Part 21: Faffing About

Update 18: Faffing About

So like the title says, this update won't have much progression at all. Just some Home Server stuff.

First, though, the results of the vote.

We're digivolving to H-Kabuterimon.

The lights flash 3 times...

And out comes H-Kabuterimon.

Now, we start at level 1 with everything reset. So I go grinding at the Scorpion spawning spot in Dry Land.

Scorpions have this odd habit of dropping rarer items, like X Data, B. Packs, and Key Chains.

I ended up with 27 B. Packs over all. Here they are:

I also picked up a few Key Chains:

It's a Blue Cipher Core Beta with 1 Mod. Not bad.

Onto the meat of the update!

God he looks badass. The twin axes help too - Chompers the H-Kabuterimon is a Blunt Expert.

We have two missions right now, and both of them are at the same place.

The first:

Buy this at the Junk Shop. I'm equipping it now, but you don't have to yet. The second task:

Donate 5000 BITS. That's so we get more cool stuff.

That's complete, so let's go talk to Ophanimon and proceed with the story.

But this is only for a short while. They'll probably strike again. When that happens, we won't be able to do anything and the Digital World will surely collapse. We'll have to find a way to stop this from happening, but Seraphimon and I must remain here to protect this server. What are we to do?!

Er, that didn't help much. Maybe Seraphimon is the trigger?

Let's build up our defenses first. To do that, we must know our enemy. Let's gather as much information about them as possible.

Also unhelpful. But we do know someone who has information...

Leomon. He was at the base, so he must know about this. He moves here with PrinceMamemon after talking to Seraphimon and Ophanimon.

I wish I had some information that could help you, but...

woops made an error game!

Wait, I'm beginning to remember! There was this big, red building in the Venom Jungle. And it was called Dreadnought. Yes, that's right. And beyond it there was... This guy... No! Please, stop!!

Er, that's a... thing. But now we have an area name, so let's go back to Seraphimon.

I remember a building like that in the YAMATO Server.

Oh, no! That station is capable of moving anywhere throught Digital World! If it is used to spread the X virus, no one can stop them. I'm sorry to keep you busy, but I want you to go to the Venom Jungle next. Do whatever it takes to stop the station from activating!

Whatever it takes?

Alright, let's do this!

Strangely enough, there's only one more place to visit after this area. That means we're over 50% complete!

Who knew dinosaurs turned into beetles? Digivolution provides the answer.