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Part 22: I Hate Flowers

Update 19: I Hate Flowers

this update is image heavy due to the massive amount of getting lost

Okay, we got this. We got this. GekoGeko Land, let's go.

That's a frog with a tuba. WHAT.

Snazzy new music. It feels vaguely tribal.

The usual platform where we spawn, and you know what that means...

This guy.

After getting through the desert, this new area is a humid jungle. The Digimon have calmed down. So we're going to move on ahead, trying to go unnoticed.

Our first fight is immediately after we drop down from the spawn platform. These are Otamamon, and were found in ShogunGekomon's castle along with Gekomon as servants of ShogunGekomon. Mimi had her crest of Sincerity glow there.

But enough talk: these little water droplets spit bubbles at us and try to hug us. The hugging proves more annoying and effective.

Left leads us to a couple rocks that need to be smashed.

And more Otamamon.

They usually drop Armor boards.

Left leads to a message:

We've activated the switches for all the consoles we can see, but there was no change. Something may have happened in a different area. Let's move out.

and an exit to Mangrove Forest. We'll be back here later. I want to find those switches the Digi-Elf exploration team mentioned.

This place is to the right of that first group of Otamamon. Note the lack of landmarks: it's very easy to get lost here, so pay attention to where you're going.

Otamamon also seem to drop these frequently. I'm full on them, though, so this one will have to wait.

Tortamon are somewhat annoying. They spew icy breath at us, hitting for 30 damage multiple times...

and after you hit them a couple times they go into their shell and spin. Sometimes they just go in and pop right back out, I don't know why.

Tortamon trivia: after one chased Davis and Veemon in Season 2, Veemon digivolved into ExVeemon and took it out.

pills here

These pills are where the Tortomon spawned. The only useable one is a MP Disk Alpha - the rest I can't pick up.

north of the pills

even more north of the pills

This. This is a good thing. Recovery Pills heal HP and MP to max, and cure all status ailments (except Curse in the Dry Land dungeons, but that's continuously applied).

There's also a Gate here.

No farther to go here, so I head back to the place where the Tortomon were. There was a little ledge that you could drop down:

It leads here.

And here's what spawned the name of the update: these damn poison flowers. They spew poison with only a little break in between each spewing, the gas does 80 damage, can hit multiple times, and poisons you.

Two hits takes them down, but only temporarily.

This segment marks the giant clusterfuck of screenshots that all look the same. I'd watch the video, but I'll do my best with the screenshots. I'll give directions, but unless there's something important I won't go into detail.

left of the first flower

same as the last image

That thing in the bottom is a Gekomon. Its singing will put us to sleep. This is annoying.

south of first flower

same as last image

I've started smashing anything smashable because that way I can tell where I've been.

right of last image

same as last image

north of those Gekomon

north of the last image

left of the last image

This path wraps back around to the exit of this forest. Also that damn flower.

north of the path

right of the Otamamon

north of the Gekomon

This one is a dead end.

right of the Gekomon and south of the dead end

right of the Otamamon

This is the Geko Forest - this is where we're going after I finish exploring. There's also...

...a gate.

south of the gate

south of the Otamamon that just got murdered


right of 12 screenshots ago. See why I hate this place?

One lever down. That's one of SEVEN.

south of the first lever. You have to loop around.

Two down.

left of the second lever

south then left of the first flower, south of the first Gekomon.

left of the waterway

up and left of the previous screenshot

south of two screenshots ago. You can still see the smashed tower.

south of the Tortamon

That makes 3 levers.

south of the two Otamamon that I murdered a few screenshots ago.

south of the waterway

dead end from last image


other side of last image

...and five. There's also a flower.

left and south of waterway

Six levers, only one more to go.

the clearing with the two Tortomon

That flower is a pain. I had to bank a Petty Bolt up there just to hit the damn thing.

you can see the flower from the last update spewing poison

Yes! Now I'm done down here with the exception of Geko Forest.

And that's next time. See you then!

Fuck me, GekoGeko Land. That is all.


I had 9 B. Packs, so I turned them in.