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Part 23: Otamamon Rush

Update 20: Otamamon Rush

Well, let's get on with it.

music time!

The usual opening. Good news, though - we aren't cursed, so the murdering will proceed with minimal restraints.

The first room contains one Otamamon.

The second two.

A fork in the road is the main "gimmick" of this dungeon. We take the left route.

This chest contains nothing useful. It's just a weapon.

It spawns four Otamamon, though.

My biggest complaint about Otamamon is that they're so huggy. They cluster around and prevent me from hitting them.

When I hit them, though, I hit like a truck.

this is from the right fork

Here's where the update title comes in. About six Otamamon spawn at the top of the ledge and hop down.

They then mob me. By the way, that 82? That's the lower bound of the damage.

Following the path takes us to another fork.

The top fork leads to treasure (these have nothing good in them), a map (this is useful) and progress. I, however, am allergic to progress, so let's go back the other way.

Nope. No fake walls, either.

left of map

Hey, you know something strange about Otamamon?

They like dropping B. Packs and Key chains.

This is north of the map room. The two rooms (this and the other one) link up through the passage and room to my left.

Uh, game? Are you feeling alright?

For those keeping track, the game just gave me 3 B. Packs and a Key Chain. Four rare things, four Otamamon killed.

This also brings my Key Chain total to 9.

This is the meeting place between the two rooms.

Huh. I didn't even know they dropped X Data.

Otamamon Rush the second.

There's one last fork after the Otamamon Rush. This one, however, has a secret wall on the east side.

Too bad there's nothing good - I'm full on HP Disk Alphas.

That being said, this place is fully explored now. So let's go further!

This Gekomon is all by itself. I never let it get off an attack because, y'know, I'm a murder machine.

The third Otamamon Rush. You jerks better appreciate the crap I go through for this

I actually really like this game

There appears to be a fork after each Otamamon Rush segment. Strange. We take the bottom path.

It leads to some Otamamon and a locked door to the north that opens after enough tadpole blood has been spilled.

This fake wall leads to where the north path of the fork leads.

This is literally the only thing there. No Otamamon, no Gekomon, no traps, just a chest with an MP Disk Alpha that I can't pick up.

Following the only exit to the right leads us to a Gekomon. Again, these things don't even get to attack because I'm a walking murder-death-beetle. With double axes.

This is south of the Gekomon.

And this is very nice. Astute goons may notice that the locked door from the previous screenshot does not appear on the map. I also forget about it

These chumps get taken down quick. Also, the little extended part on the side? Remember that.

Even when there are three Gekomon (trust me, there are three) they can't attack.

Stop with the Otamamon already! They're just a pain, they don't even threaten me!

This is also a dead end. No hidden path.

The fourth and final Otamamon Rush. No more for this dungeon thank christ

This button opens something. The wall here is breakable.

It leads to this treasure room with money.

The south button opens this up. I told you to remember this place

Back on track, we heal up at a curved room. This obviously means one thing:

Boss fight!

ShogunGekomon is a fatass. If you hit him a bunch, he falls down and the shockwaves deal about 100 damage. They are limited in radius, and can be both blocked and jumped over.

ShogunGekomon appeared in the same episode as Gekomon and Otamamon. He was their ruler, and Mimi's voice woke him up from his slumber. He was pissed and began to attack, but didn't expect to be blown up by MetalGreymon.

This is the reason that ShogunGekomon's a pain. He sings and puts your 'mon to sleep - that's what the Gekomon do except I murder them first. He then walks up and runs over you.

He is vulnerable to Bind, which stops him from moving.

Oh yeah at some point I got Petty Bind. I honestly don't know, I'm guessing somewhere around 20-22.

Binding him leads to stupid stuff like this, though. Sleep doesn't wear off until I get hit, so we just stood there for about a minute.

Eventually I kill him.

fat bastard

ShogunGekomon falls, spent, and decays into our prize...

The ShogunID.

The post-battle chests have one weapon that goes directly to the vendors and three disks I'm full on. So very generous, game.

Let's just get out of here. For a "Geko" Path, this place had more tadpoles in it than lizards with tubas.

If you want to get swamped, go to the Geko Path.

Extra: Key Chains!

That's...actually pretty good. I'll be using that once I get to Level 40.