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Part 25: Vine with that Cheese?

Update 22: Vine with that Cheese?

Hey, this is actually a fun dungeon. Yeah, it's repetetive, but not as bad as Mangrove Forest

Again, we open up this dungeon in the usual manner.

Otamamon is dead again.

Thanks, though! Through here is a fork; we take the left path first.

Two to kill, two to give me delicious EXP.

This seems to lead to progress.

The other way leads to goodies. The chest holds nothing.

It's rather annoying when that happens.

One of the Gekomon drops a Key Chain, though.

More things to murder!

Thanks there. That vine barrier up top? We'll get to that.

Slaughtering is fun~

The chest has nothing useful, just some vendor trash.

The vine barriers need to be killed with fire. That's why I've had a Fire Chip Alpha equipped the entire time I've been imn Venom Jungle.

Chests have some money in it.


Oh. Oh joy. More Otamamon Rushes.

No secret wall here. I checked very carefully.

Two Gekomon that get killed before they can do anything.

Still no secret walls. I'm becoming disappointed with you, game.

And that's all for floor one. Going on to floor two of three!

And right off the fucking bat is a fucking Otamamon Rush.

Following the path leads to a split.

Burn down a vine wall, but I'm not going in. (this is for very special secretive tactiical reasons)

A couple Gekomon. This is the south fork.

Going to the right leads to some Scorpions. One was nice enough to drop 5 X Data.

South from the Scorpions leads to a slant and a fork. We'll take the fork first.


there's a chest with trash in it.

Back to the slant leads us up to an X Arena.

Missile Dogs! The best kind of dogs.

Two attacks: missile and tackling. Neither are threatening, but still.

Missile dogs

They even drop Key Chains! These are the best Mecha Rogue things ever.

After all the Missile Dogs are gone, I head to the left. It leads to this.

It conveniently leads to this secret wall which leads to the room I skipped before.

I told you I ignored it for a reason.

It doesn't have much, just some Scorpions and a Gate.

Exiting the Missile Dog room from the south gets us to here. This place is actually kind of cool - it has similar places on both sides.

The right side here has some money and another map.

The first cross-through has about six Gekomon to deal with.

Thanks for the B. Pack.

Three Gekomon are here. I don't even hesitate.

Game, are you okay? That's the third B. Pack this dungeon.

Burn this...

Kill this twice...

And backtrack because the game hates you.

One crossover later...

Kill the infidels for not carrying spears! Because that's what saves them, you know.

There's a pretty cool loop down here. Also some Scorpions.

Mother fucker I will beat down this ledge with my axe.

Eventually I give up and go down here. Nothing good in either chest, though it's worth noting the increase in the ranks of the weapons. We used to be getting Alphas only, and now we're getting Gammas pretty regularly. (That's rank 1 and rank 3 respectively, for those who don't know their Greek alphabet)

Woo Missile Dogs!

Thank you for the X Data and the Key Chain.

That's it for this floor, on to the last one!

This one is the pain in the ass.

You can tell it's going to be bad because there's a Gate immediately after the stairs.

Typical. What I'm not showing is that there are two exits - one on top and one on the bottom of the left wall.

Let's go this way first. It's for a reason

Off with that derpy frog's head! He painted my roses red!

wait shit wrong place for that

Of course another vine barrier.

If only there were more tunnels and less forks.

Only three Missile Dogs.

There's a split here. The top is a ramp. We'll go that way and save the left for later.

this will bite me in the ass until the end of the dungeon

Yesssssss Missile Dogsssss

Thank you. One gives me 5 X Data soon after this.

The right exit from here leads to the top exit to the first room.

backtracking time!

Back here, we take the south exit.

I completely forget about the left branch of the up left exit

Otamamon Rush!

Here is a split. Let's take the left exit first.

Scorpions. Why is it always Scorpions.

That north exit leads nowhere no sir it does not.


More Missile Dogs! Thank you game, you shouldn't have.

Jesus stop giving me shit

Secret wall with absolutely nothing useful.

This is north of the Missile Dogs. We'll take the left exit.

Four Gekomon.

There's a vine barrier, but we won't burn it just yet.

Farther up is more Doggies!

Christ game what the hell

One dog also gives me 20 X Data. Welp.

The room has four exits. We'll take the right one first.

We'll not take the first jump off.

Hah I lied so very cleverly earlier. That souther path comes out here.

Hey remember that second fork where we go left first? Go up from there.

This is the worst thing. I hate Otamamon Rushes.

Right of the Otamamon. Murder the things that are murderable, smash the things that aren't.

One drops a B. Pack, but I can't pick it up.

It comes out here, almost directly right to the fork.

Oh hey, remember waaaaay back, to that fork where I forgot about the left path?

Yeah let's go back there.

Two Gekomon. Murder them quickly.

Those with good eyes will notice the similarities in the floor pattern to the point where I could have jumped down.

That's because it is.

This opens after I kill the Gekomon. I see a map and four chests that have things I can't pick up.

I went through almost the entire floor without a map.


This is from the north exit from the Missile Dog room.

We don't want to go here because we haven't finished exploring yet, and we all know what those stained glass pillar things mean.

So commence the slaughter.

I have no use for tone-deaf geckos. You die.

As do you.

And the second wave of the room dies too.


Meh, I've seen more dangerous plants.

Seriously, fuck those flowers.

Yes, that's the vine barrier that I ignored earlier.

Yes, that's a chest with crap in it. I can't pick it up because I'm full on space.

and Yes, that's the exit from the Missile Dog area.

Now that the questions are over, let's heal up.

I wonder who we'll be fighting? Maybe a Unimon or a Whamon...


Sure. Three Mecha Rogues works too, I guess.

damn I wanted to fight a Whamon

So this fight is out of left field.

It's just three scaled-up Mecha Rogues. My best advice is get one into a corner and kill it, then repeat with the other two.

It also helps if you can Bind the bastards so they don't get away.

Good news: I got an image of that stun attack. Turns out it isn't insta-kill, it just does a lot of damage.

But what are you going to do when you're a murder beast? Murder them, of course. The last Mecha Rogue falls, spent, and decays into our prize...

The MR Delta 4 ID.

Can't have a "MechaID" or something, no of course not.

I hate these chests. They have nothing good in them.

Let's just get back to town.

If you want to burn something, go to the Vine Tunnel.

Extra: B. Packs