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Part 27: Diabolical

Update 24: Diabolical

Alright, cool, let's resume where we left off.

That would be entering floor 3 of Vein. At this first fork I'll go and clear out the slant.

Booster pack. Also shown: a Gekomon dying.

Collectibles: 4-2

Back on the straight path back at the fork, more Otamamon.

Some Missile Dogs are in a little room here. Three of them, with the room leading off in three directions.

Another one...

Collectibles: 5-2

I take the left exit. Like I said, I usually take the left exit.

One MarineDevimon pops out.

Another one pops out a little later.

Just a single Gekomon.

I lied, actually. Three spawn in that one-at-a-time pattern. Also, B. Pack.

Collectibles: 6-2

Left exit again.

Three Otamamon. These things aren't really a threat, and I just show them out of habit.

An electric thing that has a split. This place is literally the biggest labyrinth I've had to deal with in this game.

Three more Otamamon. The game really isn't trying anymore, is it?

And three chests, each with absolutely nothing useful.

Hey, remember that branch at the electric tile? Yeah, go right there. That leads to the chest.

North from there are some Missile Dogs.

Collectibles: 6-3

This room also exits to the south. Let's go that way, hm?

We'll get to that ramp later.

Two of them? GAME stop being nice! It doesn't give me anything to bitch about.

Collectibles: 8-3

Blocked. Darn.


Back where the chest was about five or six screenshots ago, we go south. That leads to this electric chest.

Oh well, I can always swear at the level design if I run out of things to complain about.


Another locked door, this one is from the Gekomon spawning room.

(get tired of this yet? welcome to my world.)

Oh thank christ. This is north of the Missile Dog room.

And this is right of it. Gate, Missile Dogs, yada yada.

How nice, X Data and a Key Chain.

Collectibles: 8-4

This is the south exit of the Gate room. I showed it mainly to show the connection to the start of the level.

Two buttons, both surrounded by two chests. Surprising no one, the chests hold nothing of value.

The buttons open the door to the right.

Arghblarghle stop jumping out like that!

And this is the right exit from the Gate room. Isn't it nice when a room comes together like that?

Right of the MarineDevimon jumpout, these chests actually have some BITS inside them.

Three more Gekomon.

This nice split here is kind of the split between two major pathways.

The right leads to a cliff, so I'm going to backtrack back to the MarineDevimon room just so I can explore fully.


This is north of the MarineDevimon room. Also there's an Otamamon hiding behind the slanted wall. Can you find him?


That's convenient. Cutting out some backtracking as well.

That backtracking we skipped earlier leads here.

Nice, another Key Chain.

Collectibles: 8-5

Three more Otamamon. This appears to be a favored spawn pattern.

Three more Gekomon. Something I've noticed over the last few updates: each dungeon seems to be designed by a different person. The design is just too schizophrenic to be done by one person. I guess we'll see at the credits...

Surprisingly enough, there's only one Gekomon this time.

I guess these Otamamon have a use for something after all.

The magic refill is nice, but hardly necessary. With the Dread Ram, I'm refilling my mana by exploring.

Huh, I guess I couldn't have gone this way from the bottom anyway.


....oh fuck off game.

Collectibles: 9-5

Missed: 1-0

Cool. More things that are't useful.


Hah that's a funny thing. They thought this could block me?

Oh that's just mean. They had a chest there and the damn MarineDevimon jumped out at me.

~~~MASSIVE backtracking~~~

oh god why

Damned if I know where this is. It's somewhere west of that magic refill.

More chests. More things I can't use.

Done fucking finally. I probably missed things and I couldn't care less.

Right off the bat we've got some Missile Dogs.

At least they gave me something useful.

Collectibles: 9-6
Missed: 1-0

This room exits north.

This is a giant ass room for 10 Otamamon. Two waves of five.

This room leaves north, left, and right. First: north

Button. This opens up the path right above us.

The left exit takes us to some Gekomon.

See, the thing is a Gekomon spawns at almost every intersection. I just stopped showing it.

There's also a map at the left fork.

Taking a right at the fork and then north at the next two, we get a button. It doesn't do much.

The right exit is mirrored about the same, but I use the pass through we opened up earlier. Hitting both buttons mean the top door opens.

See? Mirrored. That's a big thing in this level.

Go north and right a bunch on the right. It gets six Otamamon and a chest with fuck all in it.

Herp get out of the way.

This straight button opens up the locked door from the last screenshot.

There's nothing useful in these damn chests. It makes me angry, actually.

Derp get out of the way.

Mirrored faffing about.

Oh my what an obviously untrapped chest.

Oh no what a terrible surprise.

Oh hey, we can't get up there.

Oh my it's almost as if this place is mirrored or something.

More Missile Dogs. As awesome as these things are, the music is starting to grate on my ears and I just want everything to DIE.


Collectibles: 9-6
Missed: 3-0


A two heal and stained glass pillars?

It must be Christmas!

Boss time!

Diaboromon! He's a cool dude, loosely designed on the Y2K bug, who showed up in the first Digimon Movie. He's technically a Mega form, and digivolved from Infermon after being attacked by MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon.

He didn't like this and shot missiles at them. Real life missiles - he hacked the Department of Defense's computers and took control. He got stabbed through the heart by Omnimon, the DNA Digivolution of MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon just in time.

He has two attacks. The first is Web Wrecker. It's basically just Petty Fire. Stay away and we're fine.

The second thing is a close-up attack, Cable Crusher. It's a claw swipe followed by a wave of darkness.

Being a Mega Digimon, he should be tough to bea-

Oh wait we're done. He gets stuck on using Cable Crusher as long as you're near him. His recovery frames are just long enough for me to hit him again, which triggers him into using Cable Crusher again.

Diaboromon falls, spent, and decays into our prize...

The Diaboro ID.

Also the naming schema of these keys hints toward a multiple person design team.

There's some good money in here.

Let's just get the fuck out of here.

Total Collectibles: 9-6.
Total Missed: 3-0

Fucking hell game those missed ones SHOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED.

EXTRA: Cards

EXTRA: Junk.

The new stuff is this. I don't buy anything.


Donate 20000 BITS for more cool stuff.

For those who feel the need to be diabolical, here's the Vein.