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Part 30: And a Carrot Nosed Dog

Update 27: And a Carrot Nosed Dog

Okay, so resuming from where we left off: we just completed the first and second floors. All that's left is the third.

We'll be going in clockwise order, starting with here.

(total stair count: 12)

The new floor immediately starts off with a fork. Terrific.

Fortunately, the north path leads to a chest with nothing and some Otamamon.

The ramp leads off into another fork. Again, why can't we have some knives in these dungeons?

Amazing. There have been three splits in the first floor and I've only fought one group of enemies. Well, two if you count these three.

The trio path leads down here. This room is unremarkable.

It does lead into a fire trap and surprise! another fork. I go down here.

It gets me presents, although only one of them is useable; it's an MP Disk that I used and hadn't recovered.

The other path from the fire is a little more exciting.

It's a jumping trial. Nothing big, but still.

Oh fuck it's disappearing blocks whyyyyyyyy

Six chests. Most of them contain money.


to the trio fork

Going the other way.

Huh. This leads to the laser spinning room.

(total stair count: 14)


to the first ramp fork

Missile Dogs why you so chill

Excellent. Now I can be lost with my map, instead of without it.

The button opens the far door. This helps me not at all.


to the laser spinning room

This is getting tedious.

(total stair count: 16)

Okay then. I guess these guys don't learn. There are three exits to the room; North, South, and West.

West exit:

Button one opens up the top door so I can go hit button two.

South exit:

These guys drop me some X Data. We have quite a bit now; it might be worth looking into upgrading some of my chips.

aaaaaah fuck don't drop me

Six more chests, with none as useful as the first.

North exit:

Oh boy, more doors and more buttons.

Yeah, I kind of expected that.


to here

(total stair count: 18)

Really, game? All that work for this?


to the double laser field

Up we go, I guess.

(total stair count: 21)

This opens up the last of the doors. Now, I hope we don't have to go through any more of this crap. It should be smooth sailing.

Considerate of them to allow me to exit directly into the previous segment.

And this is what lies beyond the doors.

Mother fucker are you telling me I have to go backtrack AGAIN?


to the other set of doors


(total stair count: 23)

god damn.

Another laser. These things haven't hit me once since I started this.

Not a goddamn word.

After clearing out the Gekomon...

Fuck what's with designers that love these things aaaaaaaa

The enemy placement here is just brutal. It's just close enough that I expected the Otamamon to push me off the edge.

But enough talk: off to Hades Obelisk!

video video video. WATCH THIS

Lucemon is our boss. This is his Mega form: Lucemon Shadowlord Mode. He holds the "Gehenna", that glowing orb of darkness.

Lucemon has two attacks in this form. Shown here is Dimension Slasher, where he slashes at us with his tail.

His other attack is Tide of Despair, where he spits out some black crap.

The annoying thing about Lucemon? He's another "GET THE FUCK BACK HERE" boss. When he uses his Dimension Slasher attack, the only thing that can hit him is ranged damage, like guns or magic. He can be hit briefly by melee attacks when he's using Tide of Despair.

Most of the time, though, he's in the air.

While there, he does bombing runs. These things are dangerous.

After a while, his Gehenna breaks. Then, you can damage him for reals.

He gets two new attacks here:

He summons missiles from above him. These home in on you, but aren't important.

He also has an eye beam attack, but I couldn't get him to do it.

After taking about a bar of health, he jumps up and returns with another Orb, only this one is slightly redder.

In the anime, Lucemon was the Big Bad of Digimon Frontier (that one no one watched because they didn't have Digimon partners but they turned into the digimon).

Turns out that this thing is just a puppet of Lucemon Larva, which resides in the Orb.

God damnit just DIE ALREADY

Fucking hell.

Burn, you fuck.

Why would anyone design this kind of boss? I mean, they already had MaloMyotismon.

Nothing good in any of these except weapons I can't use.

Let's just get the fuck out of dodge.