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Part 32: Main Server Turn On

Update 29: Main Server Turn On

Let's go. We're doing this. We're storming the gates.

Er, they have dragons. Maybe not.

Really good music right here

I can't believe Lucemon was on their side. While I was fighting, the other Digi-Elves were taken captive. Huh? The floor is moving. Is this an entrance to the dungeon? I'll need to follow it and rescue our team members.

Right, so this place has some basic fare. Missile Dogs (we are in Mecha Rogue's home base, after all).

Megadramon, some sort of dragon cyborg wyvern hybrid...

In the first season of Digimon, these guys were Machinedramon's henchmen. They searched for Tai as he went through some sort of abandoned city. Here, their only attacks are a Petty Bolt and two Missiles. Neither do much damage.

Cannons... hey, what's that thing hovering there?


So yeah, this place has mines everywhere. Get near them, they pop up. After a while, they explode in some sort of negative force field. I've never gotten hit by one, so I don't know how much damage they do.

On each side there are some gun turrets, with switches. These switches give us bitches open up the next dungeons for us.

Of course, the switches are mined too.

The other side has the same thing as the front. Two Missile Dogs that spawn Megadramon when they die.

Also, yes, that is a B. Pack that I'm picking up. It's kind of faint.

After clearing out the top half, I jump down here. For those playing along, this is where the Side Quest Teleporter (tm) takes you. I cut it out of the Undead Yard video because of spoilers.

I like this area. It feels very "final area"-y, what with everything being electric. It feels like we're plumbing the depths of a computer. Which is what it's supposed to feel like, I guess.

Two Missile Dogs spawn near the little gem pillars that show the next boss.

And these fucks. Infermon are the bane of these dungeons. I actively hate them with all my hate.

Infermon are the Ultimate form to Diaboromon's Mega form. Same movie, same goal.

They fire missiles at you, which do a surprising amount of damage.

And they channel the Joker and release this gas...

...which gives us the Pwr Down status effect. It only lowers my damage by about 20, but that's still annoying.

They also have this bad habit of doubling themselves. More EXP for me, but they are infuriating.

They can jump out of the way of attacks sometimes. This is bad for me, because I can't attack that fast.

Infermon will spawn near the side of the area, two at a time. They aren't too bad, but I still hate them for that status effect attack.

Occasionally, we come across these raised platforms.

They lead to dungeons. This one, the Electro Mine, is where we'll be going first.


The other dungeon here is Mecha Nest, but we'll be doing that one second.

Here we are. Mecha Rogue, I'm coming for you!

Someone set up us the Battle Arena