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Part 35: Recursion

Update 32: Recursion

(for those who don't get the update name, recursion is a bunch of nested programs where the program calls itself to solve a subproblem)

Hey let's blow through the Mecha Nest.

Nice easy way to start off the dungeon.

Don't be rude. Darkness is extrememly rude.

HAH! You can't fool me!

Let's see... Board, Weapon, Disk I'm full on, BITS.

To the right of the dark room, Ho!

Huh. That was an early map. Chest gives me a thing I can sell.

The dungeon designers are tricksy, yes they are. But I'm tricksier!

Thanks for the generous donation to the "Gimme Cards" fund.

You know, this isn't a trap. I think the game is starting to give pity on me.

Oh god, albino Megadramon!

Two B. Packs. That's nice, though this fills me up.

I'll give you three guesses about what happens to this guy, but the third one better be "He dies".

Again, nothing good from the chests. They've stopped being useful.

Well, the entire floor was a loop.

Mister Megadramon, I'd like to introduce you to my friend Mister Axe to your Face.

That was relatively painless. What do you want to bet this is going to be a bad dungeon?

I hope that each floor doesn't start like this.


Whoa, what happened? I remember seeing some sort of spider thing, then the next thing I know I'm walking into this room from the north.

There's blood on my axe. It appears to be spider blood.

Which is weird, because I haven't killed spiders.

On the other side of the Megadramon dark room, this place splits.

This is new. The rooms have both Infermon and Megadramon.

The south branch of the split leads to fun prizes. And a chest.

I feel like this place is getting more and more confusing to map out.

I mean, granted, I have a mini map, but I like to keep a full map in my head.

Look at this. We made a loop around the right, but I could have gone to the left.

The rooms are tiny, yeah, but there's just so many of them.

Stupid useless chests.

Fuck get them off me

This is at the top, right before I headed south and started rambling about the honeycomb nature of these dungeons.

Hey. That's nice. I wonder if the rest of the dungeon will be this easy?


First room. I sense a theme.

Deja vu?

There are six of them. Don't be fooled by the fact that there are four. There are six.

Somehow, an Infermon is shooting me through the wall.

Cheating bastards.

Some Raremon try to poison me.

They don't succeed.

Back to the right of the Infermon room, we'll go north.

Hurrah, a map!


Stop existing, please. Also give me those useless chests.

Dragon's hoard my ass. These things have scrap metal.

Why is it so dark? This is an electricity based place. You'd think they have some lights or something.

Well, lights that aren't on the floor.

Electric cyborg dragons don't conduct electricty well

Fun fact: There are Infermon right where I come out.

This is back from the Emergency Gate, due south.

Random trap-less treasure room - priceless (aside from the cost of those chests and the items inside and the map giver)

Can't come from the south here, because it's blocked.

Same deal, only it's the west this time.


to the dark Raremon room

Progress? What's that?

Hah. Can't hide secrets from me I AM A MACHINE

An electric death beetle machine.

I hate Infermon, and I hope you do too.

Watch the video to see just how infuriating it is to fight them. And just wait a few updates. It gets ridiculous.

No hocking loogies at me.

Neither of these are useful. Pity.

Poison just seems to do a little too much damage and hang around a little too long for my liking. Doesn't help that I can't inflict it on bosses.

Seriously, these fights should take 30 seconds and end up taking two minutes.

Whatever we're done.

Boss time!

Oh. Uh....

I might have done the dungeons out of order.

Oh well. We get the MR Epsilon 05 ID for that embarassing boss fight.

There's nothing useful in here. I just smash crates for the fun of it.

Yeah, probably did the dungeons out of order. This seemed a little too easy.

Calling Mecha Nest, your order is ready.

Extra: B. Packs

Nope, no new cards. Sorry!