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Part 36: For Massive Damage!

Update 33: For Massive Damage!

Hate. This. Thing.

Right, so I'm in the base area of the Battle Arena.

There's some steps that lead up to a place that I ignored last time.

These Infermon chased me up the stairs.

Thanks, my friend. Your donation of One (1) Key Chain is muchly appreciated.

Each side has a cannon and four guns.

This catwalk comes from the other side of the platform.

What's that? Oh, it must be the new Compiler Ship that has been under construction in the Yamato Server. You can move to the next area by flying the Compiler Ship, but you need two new ID Passes.

Compiler Ship? Really? What's next, the Vacuum Tube dungeon?

Hell yeah we will.


Welcome to the Machine Core. The last non-dungeon area of the game.

It is a pain in the ASS. You will see.

According to what they say, this is the Mechanical Core. It's the area that's in the deepest part of the server. And the Digi-Elves were taken to that large, dark core. Looks like the X Virus is also propogating from there. That place is definitely a key to this mystery.

So this place is a pain in the ass because of the MASSIVE amount of Infermon that spawn.

There are four layers. Each layer can be accessed by touching either a red switch...

...or a blue switch. Keep in mind these colors, they'll be important later.

Alright, so I'll be skipping most of the trecking. If you want the full impact and pain of this, watch the video.

Top floor: Button of doing nothing.

Also some words from a lion.

It seems that the Digi-Elves were taken into that large black core. The X Virus is coming from there, too. All the secrets are apparently inside there.
Hmmm? The enemy is moving those magnetic steps in some kind of order. Oh, wow! The core turns around and the tower on the top turns into a bridge. I see, unless the balance of the magnetic power breaks no one can enter inside. It looks like the number of magnets that are set on this side and the other side are different. I hope we can find out the exact numbers.

Hey guess what IT'S A SWITCH PUZZLE.

The answer is "Everything turned on, then turn off three red switches."

Aw yeah. Let's go.

Last time I'll ever do this. I should feel choked up or something. I wonder why I do-

Wait. Sidequests. Right.

Kill all Infermon in the Machine Core