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Part 3: Jake gets tapeworms! (Drill Tunnel)

Hiro and Zardoz got bored and left. Now we're following:

Finn the human!

And Jake the Gabumon!

Jake gets a bit of training in, mostly to get his HP and Offense a little better. I'm going to have to compensate for how bad Sonic Jab is by itself and with low speed.

Agumon spends most of the fight hitting Jake with Spit Fire and canceling his Sonic Jabs, but the free small recovery makes up for it.

I avoid getting Tanemon's starting meat to see if I can get started from day one on Giant Meat.

Jake beats up Kunemon really well somehow and I still keep the Restore floppy. These fuckers cost 4,000 bits and it's quite a bit ways away until I can get another one.

Welp, that didn't pay off.

Regardless, he still gets the same first 4 Digimon that Zardoz did so from here on it's real progress!

The 2nd morning, Jake is trained to have 1000 MP and 100 Speed. It's the stat requirement for a specific digivolution but he ends up with the stats for 3 of them.

So now we're in scenic Drill Tunnel to do the job here. The western half of the island is off-limits until we finish up the business here.

In the center room we have three Goburimon. If more than one wild digimon is on screen when you touch one, you fight all the guys there. Jake might be able to win this but it won't be worth the time or effort. Goburimon use Sonic Jab, Spit Fire, and most importantly Magma Bomb, which has a respectable 279 power! If only Jake could learn anything new here though.

These Goburimon stand completely still so you can walk past them without much trouble.

What's to the left?

Oh dear, we've ran into an insane Drimogemon. A Champion may be too tough for Jake!

Megaton Punch here hurts, but it's slower than Sonic Jab. Drimogemon uses it, Dynamite Kick, and his own Sonic Jab and Jake usually ended up knocking him out of the slower two.

Eventually, Jake pummels away his 1,200 HP. Blue Blaster hitting for 500 might have helped.

No, he doesn't learn Megaton Punch. I would've loved it since not only is it decently strong, it's used by a very large number of Digimon.


You should've known this would've been the case when you took the job, then! Did someone neglect to mention that?

But Finn thinks it may be something else. We're going to end up beating up that something else.

To the right of the three Goburimon is the underground lake. I can't say I like this screen much.

But if we don't help, nothing will ever get done!

It may be demeaning work, but dammit it's stats and money without fighting!

Stats and money without fighting is very nice, especially when it's as big of a chunk as this will provide.

You can't leave the tunnel with a cart, so be sure your Digimon isn't about to poop himself before starting a load.

It's not very interesting but damn if it doesn't make the early game easier.

Yeah, my plans for digivolution will now have to get more... esoteric, since there's about 10 loads.

Yeah, that's everything but Centarumon and Monochromon possible by stats. Thank goodness Jake is kinda dumb, huh?

Okay, sheesh.

Thus ends day 2. Pretty boring but it was actually quite rewarding in terms of stats and bits.

Today is when the insanity begins.

Everything starts off normal as can be.

Then this happens. Not only is it annoying as hell this deep in the tunnel...

(I'm pretty sure this one is closer now that I've tried getting to both)

...But for whatever reason his weight rapidly drops. Weight is another digivolution requirement and most Champions need 30. Jake here will hit 1. Egads.

I eventually give up on trying to make sens of it and roll with it. Jake dumps the last load of dirt and we find that a new tunnel has been made!

That is a very big rock indeed.

Jake tries his damnedest, but his tiny Gabumon arms aren't enough to move it. We'll have to come back when he's a champion.

What... what happened to the ground?

On a replay of day 3 to try to isolate the cause of Jake's rapid weight loss, I hit another glitch and the dirt pile didn't disappear properly. This is getting odd.

Also I still don't know what caused it.

Well, now a strong breeze will blow Jake away. There's only one thing left to do.

Tell him he's a bad Digimon. This will all be for the best in the end, I assure you.