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Part 11: Dinosaur Time! (Ancient Dino Region)

Boy howdy do I like stocking up on floppies. This should do us for the Ancient Dino Region.

On the way we find an Orange Banana, which recovers HP and MP when eaten.

Back up through the now barren Amida Forest. A shame since it has fairly nice music.

You so sure about that?

I mean, it's a bit crazy but most of Jake's fights do end up with him stunning them with Ice Statue and blasting away their HP.

Our fame precedes us though, as he recognizes us as Jake the Garurumon and Finn the Human after getting his ass kicked.

Time goes by at half speed, even though there's jack shit to do here.

And there is where all the content is! Wonderful, ain't it?

Vermilimon are probably the weakest users of Prominence Beam in the game, even if they are really infrequent about it.

Sometimes you get small recovery floppies. Sometimes you get meat. Sometimes you get rotten meat.

This is the game's sole Brachiomon. I don't even know why it's here.

Jake, ironically, likes the cold a lot.

And he's an enormous buttface who leaves it to the invisible hand to determine if a guy is a hero or not.

Is there, like, a line of chalk separating the two? "Step over this line and time quadruples" or something?

Well, there's something to investigate at least!

"Something fell? That might explain demographic shifts and a push towards rural communities!"

You know, maybe a place where this is a legitimate concern isn't the best place to go.

It's full of Saberdramon too.

Saberdramon are huge jerks who use good techs, but Jake can't learn any so these fights aren't worth it.

I hate this screen, because it's a really long walk in a place where time goes twice as fast.

We have to beat this guy up for a hint or something, I forget exactly.

He spits prominence beams though.

And that's Hurricane, one of the high-end air techs! This Saberdramon is a step or three above the rest here!

Anyway he gets beaten up and gives us a hint that's so poorly translated I don't think it actually helps.

I hate this screen. Now we gotta go in a passage to the left, but it's really close to the northern side of the screen, and of course time is ticking away endlessly.

Anyway, north of that new passage is...

A plain old meteorite.

Well I'm so-Wait one damn second why does this wiki dedicate space for fan characters?!

I know you're responsible for the move to the Sunbelt though!

I'll have to beat the truth out of him!

Sometimes, Meteormon uses Meltdown, which is the 4th strongest wide-area attack and one that is definitely worth using actually.

This is not one of those times.

You know I don't have a single Quick Chip? I can give something thousands of HP and Offense but when it comes to speed, I'm fucked.

...So you really don't know anything. Meteormon leaves to do stuff with his newfound life.

If we use an auto-pilot, though, I'm not sure what will happen to the game's scripting.

"He's now on a journey to become a real boy."

Well then, you're wor-

Yeah, what he said.

You're kinda cool in my book, bro.

Wait what? He's not that useful though!

Prosperity: 34.

... I guess. Anyway, there's something in the Speedy Dino Region left, so let's go!

I wish I had Spinning Shot too, it's such a wonderful tech.

...I would tell you but I can't be quite sure what Nanimon is.

He leaves us this beautiful thing for finding him the first time, though. It's beautiful because it doubles inventory space. Now we have twenty item slots! I can finally ransack the island without worrying about my inventory space!