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Part 13: Chapter 12.5: It's VOTING TIME!

With Jake gone, we have every possibility ahead of us, and instead of you guys blindly picking an egg and letting me manipulate my way to Phoenixmon again decide which Ultimate to get, I'll let you pick the ultimate!

It's time to put on your good suit and go out and VOTE!

Why the hell is Agumon in a suit wait what do you mean he's an ambassador to the UN I mean sheesh Digimon sure can be stupid sometimesbut anyway

And here's a list of the available Ultimate Digmon!

The format is

Name with wikia link
Type Active-Hours (Vaccines can clear Ice Sanctuary, Viruses can clear Grey Lord's Manor. With Kokatorimon time isn't much of an issue. Jake was 7-22 as a Gabumon and 4-19 as a Garurumon, if you must know)
Weight-## Care Mistakes- # (Up to means 0 to n-1 is acceptable)
Stats: The stat minimums that must be met. (Combine these with the digivolution bonus to stats and most ultimates are killing machines out of the box)
Bonus: Bonus conditions (I could only really get the happiness/discipline ones)
Techs: The categories of techs the Digimon can use. (Ultimaes have about 12-15 available techs, and mech and battle are very common while nature is really rare.)

Virus, 7-22
Weight- 65 Care Mistakes- Up to 10
Stats: 4000 HP, 3000 MP, 500 Offense, 500 Defense, 300 Speed, 300 Speed
Bonus: 30 Battles, 30 Techniques
Techs: Fire, Battle, Mech

Data, 4-19
Weight- 5 Care Mistakes- 15+
Stats: 400 Offense, 300 Defense, 300 Speed, 400 Brains
Bonus: 95% Happiness, 25 Techniques
Techs: Battle, Mech

Virus, 16-7
Weight- 30 Care Mistakes- 10+
Stats: 4000 HP, 6000 MP, 400 Offense, 400 Defense, 200 Speed, 500 Brains
Bonus: 40 Battles, 45 techniques
Techs: Battle, Ice, Mech

Data, 4-19
Weight- 10 Care Mistakes- 15 or less
Stats: 500 Offense, 400 Defense, 400 Speed, 400 Brain
Bonus: 95% Happiness, 30 techniques
Techs: Battle, Mech

Vaccine, 4-19
Weight- 40 Care Mistakes- 5 or less
Stats: 2000 HP, 4000 MP, 200 Offense, 400 Defense, 200 Speed, 400 Brains
Bonus: 30 battles, 30 techniques
Techs: Battle, Air, Mech

Vaccine 11-2
Weight- 5 Care mistakes- 15+
Stats: 400 Offense, 300 Speed, 400 Brains
Bonus: 95% Happiness, 100 Battles, 35 Techniques
Techs: Battle, Air, Mech

Virus, 16-7
Weight- 55 Care mistakes- 10 or less
Stats: 3000 HP, 5000 MP, 500 Offense, 300 Defense, 400 Speed, 400 Brains
Bonus: 30 Battles, 30 Techniques
Techs: Battle, Ice, Mech

Data, 1-16
Weight- 5 Care Mistakes- 15+
Stats: 300 Offense, 300 Defense, 400 Speed, 400 Brains
Bonus: 95% Discipline, 25 Techniques
Techs: Air, Nature

These next three guys didn't have their exact requirements in the Prima guide, so the internet has no reliable information how to get them! Wonderful, ain't it?

Data, 7-22
Weight: About 30 I'd wager Care Mistakes- I couldn't begin to fathom
Stats: Yes
Bonus: X number of Techs and something inscrutible
Techs: Fire, Ice
Note: I have no idea how to reliably get this guy.

Data, 19-10
Weight- 40 but guides say 55 for some reason? Care Mistakes- 0 to be safe
Stats: A lot everywhere but not too much or we hit MetalMamemon/Piximon
Bonus: Like hell I know
Techs: Fire, Battle, Nature

Vaccine, 4-19
Weight- 40, I've GOTTEN one before. Care Mistakes- 0, it's super-holy.
Stats: I'll give the Birdramon shittons of everything
Bonus: Dying in battle once, I've heard.
Techs: Fire, Air

And this guy still needs a name! Still 6 characters, no Ramza.

So, in summary, Pick an Ultimate Digimon and give him a pretty name!

But "why not this guy" you ask? Well the four ultimates I excluded have good reasons for being gone I excluded:

Monzaemon: Not quite yet.
Etemon: Getting 16 poops that quickly? I don't know if I can!
Vademon: I don't have the resources for making a Champion live 15 days straight, and even then it's a coinflip if he'll digivolve.
Digitamamon: The stat hit from digivolving makes this kind of hard, especially since Nanimon's digivolving requirement puts us right in stat withering territory. Too risky.

Anyone else just isn't an option. No Myotismon or SuperStarmon or any cool guys like that.