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Part 21: An alternate history for the mildly curious

An alternate history for the mildly curious


Just say that finisher's name out loud.

I dare you.

Anyway I should stop dicking with random saves from GameFAQs and get to what I was getting to, going back to my save from way back when and raising Ringo differently because I don't want a Digimon World LP to be without mech techs.

The main updates will still follow HKab-Ringo and what becomes of him, this is just a side thing to show off what I wouldn't have a chance to show off otherwise.

The plan ends up with Ringo having very lopsided stats.

Not that his minimal HP matters, since his overwhelming stats allow him to butcher Dokunemon with ease. Gotta get 6 fights so we avoid Tyrannomon, but not 10 as to avoid Meramon.

It seems to be Ringo's destiny to learn techs from training brains.

If you say I am unethical, I'd have to agree, but it's a hell of a lot of fun creating a motherfucking monster.

Something I learned with my experiences with Ringo and hacking is that, well, some digivolutions have priority. When weight, stats, and bonus were met for both, Kunemon always becomes a Kabuterimon and never a Kuwagamon. Meaning that asssuming something meets two different champion forms, one always takes precedence.

Greymon and Centarumon completely overlap in conditions, so unless Greymon had priority it would be nearly impossible to get.

That's a lot of words to say I got a Greymon, isn't it?

The reason I avoided training Ringo's HP was to avoid Monochromon and Tyrannomon, the lack of care mistakes avoided Meramon and Birdramon, and Greymon takes precedence over Centarumon so now we have a giant T-Rex.

Now I can give him all these chips.

A day later he's already met the conditions for the Ultimate I want.

At age 5. He won't Digivolve until he's 11.

Until then, Zebras get maimed.

This one, just north of the entrance to Gear Savanna, has 200 more HP. It may seem minor but Ringo is threatening to kill the weaker ones in one hit with Magma Bomb before they can attack.

For some reason, Greymon gets two air techs. One of them happens to be the best tech in the game.

High speed, long range, frequent stunning, great damage. Megalo Spark is a winner's tech.

Prominence Beam is okay too I guess. Still no Megalo Spark.

Then again no tech is.

Considering the kinds of techs Ringo will get, it'll be nice to be able to tell him to use a specific one. This is the last major upgrade from brains until you max it at 999, by the way.

His other Air tech is Spinning Shot. Spinning Shot also happens to be amazing.

And this... this is just me getting Fire Tower for the hell of it.

And then I spent the rest of the time training him until this happened.

I was nervous for some reason, even though I knew my plan would work.

It wouldn't be Digimon without a cyborg-dragon.

He's also a total badass.

...Even if his tech list stinks. Greymon and MetalGreymon share exactly two techs, Heat Laser and Meltdown. Since Jake fought Meteormon and Mt. Infinity isn't open on this file, I'm stuck punching shit. At least I got free mech tech, complete with free typo!

Metal Sprinter flings random computer parts everywhere. It's shit but it'll have to do until we get All Range Beam.

"He's big and evil and desires only to hurt things to make up for the incredible pain he feels inside his own soul."

WaruSeadramon doesn't do this that much, so the fight takes forever with Ringo's weak wide-area techs.

Once the other guys are down, WaruSeadramon gets punched to death.

Whamon what the fuck are you doing.

Told you there were robots here during the day.

And that's 2/8, but those are the worst mech techs. Come back later when Ringo gets some good ones.