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Part 30: Mansionvania (Grey Lord's Mansion)

Finn the Human and Django the Numemon Numemonerimon.

I would call it a glitch because that's what it is but Numemonerimon is a fun name to give a Numemon with maxed stats.

Soulmon is a Bakemon, but in a fancy silk hat. They have ~magic powers~.

Except not really.

Anyway, Django is a virus-type, so we can finally get to exploring the Grey Lord's Mansion.

This mansion is full of doors. There's 7 doors in the foyer alone.

I wouldn't answer when some hyperactive kid and his omnipotent slug barged in.

...But I'd do that in hopes they'd leave.

Whoever lives here, he has some impressive stairs.

He could use this.

This door has a unique message.

Every other door has this message. At least none of the locks are broken.

Well, this door is the only one that works.

There's a toilet and another locked door and an unlocked door. Past the unlocked door is...

More Soulmon. That use Thunder Justice. Devimon, Bakemon, and Etemon are the partner digimon that are virus-type and can use Thunder Justice. Digitamamon's stuck with Machinedramon and the enemy Digitamamon, while Monzaemon at least gets the boss of Toy Town.

Clearly you've never lived with my family.

A pointless room between the kitchen and the dining room.

Disks are worthless since Django already has max stats.


...No space for an original message for finding the key?

Just gave it the message from opening a locked door?

All the doors relock so until you're done with the mansion keep the key around.

That's... odd.

Did you get all that?

Apparently Finn didn't.

It's a trap for some reason.

Dammit, it's Django's greatest foe: FRACTIONAL DAMAGE!!!

Since poison is the only thing that deals defense-ignoring damage in battle he's still nigh invulnerable. I got a ton of Various floppies to cure the random poison.

Now we're in a scary science lab.


And there's Rockmon here. Sure, why not.

...I thought you were supposed to drop through this wire to-

Oh, I had to drop through the right part. Hate it when the game is picky like that.

This fall brings us to an entirely new room though.

The other door there takes us back to the foyer. This is the room behind that keyholeless door. Luckily it's unlocked as we leave.

How do you know that.

I said how do you know that.

Anyway he somehow knows that this coffin-bed thing is a secret passage. And behind it lies...

A dead body?!