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Part 32: But if your Lego house has a roof you can't put a guy in the chair! (Toy Town)

Fucking finally.

But Birdra Transport is still faster.

And he joins the city, opening a service that sucks and is a waste of money.

We get instant travel from the entrance of the tunnel to the foot of Panorama.

This is useful to me exactly never.

Down in the sewers of Factorial Town is Nanimon's 3rd spot.

Okay enough of this nonsense time to get shit done.

Past Cherrymon is this place, Toy Town. Without a Numemon there is nothing you can do.

click it

Well I guess you can bug the robot.

I guess.

Anyway if we want to get shit like what's left of this game done we'll need to bug this...


Also I guess it helps that once he digivolves I can leave behind gimmick techs.

Because let me tell you, it's not fun having inanely weak attacks like Poop Spd Toss as your only option.

And now he's a bear. He has bear powers.

Yeah, normally Digivolution carries a significant stat boost but in Django's case...

He has all 8 battle techs and a good chunk of air.

It happens to include Megalo Spark, the best tech in the game.

This will be Django's new main weapon, and it will take so many lives.

Apparently that was a corpse Django put on.


Or maybe it was just a suit that looked like a dead guy?


That only a slug could wear.


So Tinmon explains what the heck is going on.

You know Ringo could've done it, or Django before digivolution. I don't raise slouches.

Anyway he opens up the mansion in the back.

Oh gee I wonder what we have to do.

Press X to open doors, basically.

There's not much way to avoid the fights here. There's a lot of guys in small areas.

Django uses his lightning powers to plow through them while his durable cotton stitching prevents all harm.

1200 bits each. Not bad for how easy they are.

There's three doors as you can see. Pick the wrong one and a washtub falls.

Something Japan, I guess.

The center door is the right one.

I'm pretty sure it's literally impossible to not get in a fight here.

Not that it matters with Django's lightning powers.

Center door again.

This ClearAgumon never actually starts a fight. You have to run from him to get him to shut up as he still speaks whenever he's touching you.

Also ClearAgumon give 4500 bits each, an incredible sum for how easy they are to beat.

The correct door is the right one this time. Huh.

Well, I hope so. The last three rooms were the same, just with slightly different guys. All three of them use battle and fire techs. All three use Red Inferno frequently.

The big box has a bomb. I don't think it actually deals damage so it's a waste of goddamn time.

The black recolor actually has a unique model and animations. I'm so used to literally recoloring things.

Oh good, an excuse to fight him!

He uses Thunder Justice and Buster Dive a lot. If you came here with a Monzaemon from your average, terrible Numemon you'd be in a lot of trouble.

Django was not your average Numemon.

If you pick the small box he taunts you a little then the conversation goes as normal.

I did this fight again because I wanted to learn something from him.

2nd strongest tech in the game, a fun thing to use when Megalo Spark stuns something because it hits really, really hard. Like 1500+ hard.

He throws another bomb. Oh that WaruMonzaemon!

It's a model. It's moving. You have the card of this guy.

Well fine, we're leaving.

Thanks for the great tech, loser!

The gear returns to that spot and that somehow makes everything perfectly fine.

This game assumes you'll do literally everything but Mt. Infinity before Mt. Infinity.

This story is less detailed than the Factorial Town records.

3 more prosperity, and the suit doesn't do anything but hang on a coat rack in Jijimon's house. You can't evolve Numemon the easy way with it even. How boring.