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Part 34: An alternate history for those who vaguely care.

An alternate history for those who vaguely care.

The funky fresh beats took over.

You know, I've always wondered what happens when you decide to BUST THEM UP!


But but but giant cyborg-dragon why can't I


This is probably one of the best techs in the game since it's the 3rd strongest, barely behind Thunder Justice, and incredibly hard to interrupt.

Just note that since the lasers fire in a hexagonal pattern enemies above or below are actually likely to dodge.

Anyway now that MetalRingo (as opposed to just "Ringo" who is a giant beetle) has an awesome tech like that its time to get everything else.

...6 more techs basically. Dang.

The remodeling Guardromon actually does use Full Potential. That brings up the number of Mech techs from repeatable fights to three.

Unfortunately MetalRingo doesn't get it here and I'll fight Mamemon over it for some reason.


This shit gets complicated. Though MetalRingo can learn all three of Giromon's techs, Delete Prog is the only one not used elsewhere.

Giromon's finisher doesn't work like other ones. He flings a mine and the enemy has to step on it to trigger it. It's the strongest finisher in the game by raw power, but his fling has a set distance so it's likely to fly off-screen or into the scenery.

Like so. It's nowhere on-screen so he just wasted everyone's time.

For his troubles he gets a mechapunch to the face.

Long start-up time, the enemy has to stand relatively still for it to work. It's still quite strong and it inflicts Flat with a decent enough rate.

I love all these lasers and explosions. I don't think a Digimon World LP is complete without gratuitous lasers and explosions.

If I didn't do these MetalRingo segments this LP would've never delved into Mech techs, which is a damn shame since they have the 1st and 3rd strongest techs and the best buff in the game (55% total, as opposed to the other three being 30%) and two of the three laser-shooting techs.

Ironic, then, that no one Digimon can have all three. MetalGreymon is the only partner Digimon with fire and mech and he doesn't get Prominence Beam.

The code that appears for Delete Prog explodes for no adequately explored reason. It explodes after it hits even.

Pulse Laser is decent enough if you don't have a better long-range choice. Thing is it doesn't inflict a status and has a fairly long start-up time. SkullGreymon and Megadramon get Ice Statue, one of the best techs in the entire game. Giromon and Andromon get Megalo Spark, the best tech in the entire game. Vademon gets Green Trap and Bug, leaving MetalGreymon, Mamemon, and MetalMamemon here. They all get Buster Dive which is marginally faster which may be your thing. However, Pulse Laser has a homing effect.

MetalRingo never gets Buster Dive so Pulse Laser gets used a lot simply for want of better options.

Fuck off.

Punch fight. One of them has a bucket of Medium Recovery floppies backing him.

25% offense, 15% defense, 15% agility. It's just better than the other buffing techs but it suffers the same 999-cap as they do.

With Mamemon I have 51 prosperity. A lot of stuff is ignored since my goal is just techs. Airdramon gets shot by lasers and punched by robot arms to death.

I love All-Range Beam sometimes.

I try to get MELTDOWN!


Which was target of where they were and it was a nice place and my friend lives there

But it turns out bizarre glitches like all the models vanishing and most of my control being lost is more common than learning a goddamn tech. So I decide to just go get Reverse Prog already.

Of course, that means I have to do most of Grey Lord's Mansion again. It doesn't take very long when there's nothing to show off.

This Tekkamon never shows up again so it's my only chance besides Giromon.

He gets punched to death. Moving on.

Megadramon has the last mech tech MetalRingo has yet to learn. I probably should've fought him sooner since it's DG Dimension, the strongest tech in the game.

It takes me a couple of tries but DG Dimension is finally mine.

In case you're wondering, I am feeding MetalRingo all the chips I'm picking up.

A bit of start-up time and it leaves the Digimon wide open, but holy hell does that 722 power hurt.

And at last, with the final boss-only tech my work is done.

And that's all 8 mech techs and Infinity Burn, all the techs that aren't used outside of one-time fights, without learning one by training brains!

Infinity Burn is cheaper and more damaging than Meltdown, so what's the catch?

Infinity Burn is used by very few Digimon, it's easier to cancel, and it doesn't inflict Stun as often as Meltdown does, I guess is the catch.

With this nuking, MetalRingo's part in history is over.

Next time, Django goes to the bonus dungeon and fights the bonus boss and recruits the last Digimon and then the everything will be over!