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EcoQuest 1: The Search for Cetus

by Roar

Part 12

12. We sure do help people a lot

As for the swordfish...

The plastic is wrapped tightly around the swordfish's snout. Adam can't pull it off with his hands.

Yeah, he's boned. Let's go.

Der Metzgermeister posted:

Anyway, go to the house-shaped door next.

I'm on it!

Oh. It's this douche again.

: "Why are you so blue, Gregarious?"

: "I'm, uh, holdin' my breath."

: "Why on Earth are you doing that?"

Why not? Everyone else is, it's the trendy thing to do. Except for Adam but he really should be out of air by now.

: "Ya see these bandages? I keep gettin' hit by the same dumb speedboat every time I go up to the surface to breathe. Danged propellers! I'm just not goin' up there no more!"

...the SAME boat? How do you manage to do that? You must be a complete idiot.

: "But you're a mammal! You have to go up to breathe real air or you'll suffocate."

: "Nope, nope, nope. Don't care. I ain't goin'! That propeller has gotten the last piece of Gregarious A. Manatee, by gill!"

Okay I hope you're not adverse to water cause it's going to invade your lungs pretty soon.

: "How about I go up with you? You can show me the boat while we're up there. Maybe I can do something about the propellers."

: "Gee, Adam! You'd do that <a-hyuh>? What a pal. Follow me."

We're never going to find Cetus if we keep dealing with this random shit.

Adam follows Gregarious as he leads the way up out of the city, towards the ocean's surface.

Nice .

A load of garbage appears from somewhere above.


That guy needs a much bigger ship. Wind-powered, with a parrot!

: "<gulp>It sure feels good to breathe!"

: "Is this the boat?"

: "Yup. Gosh darn propellers anyway!"

What does the game have to say about this delightful fellow?

The fisherman has a face as tanned and wrinkled as old leather. Though he looks as tough and steady as a rock, he doesn't appear to be particuarly unkind or spiteful.

Don't be stupid, he's a human. He probably rapes babies.

: "Hey! Mr. Fisherman!"

: "Wha- who said that?"

: "I'm down here!"

: "Oh, a diver, ey? Why didn't youse say so? <mumble> Cock-a-maimie kids."

Stereotypes abound in Ecoquest: The Search For Cetus.

: "We just swam up through some of your trash. Lots of creatures have to live in the ocean. You shouldn't dump stuff in here, you know."

: "What's that? Creatures is it? Whatdya think I'm fishin' fer? The ocean's a big place, matey. That little bitta trash ain't gonna hurt them fishies none."

Tell that to the blowfish that I'm ignoring down there.

: "But it DOES. You wouldn't believe all the trash down there. Anyway, that's not what I cam to talk to you about. It's about Gregarious."

: "Gregarious? That's a heck of a name fer just a dumb manatee. And what's all them bandages fer anyhow?"

I agree with you, but I never told you his name was Gregarious. ...are you God or something? Forgive me God I know not what I do.

: "Because YOU keep hitting him with your propellers!"

: "M' propellers? You mean m' propellers did that?"

: "He says every time he comes up to breathe, your boat runs into him."

Amazingly. Yeah, he's that stupid.

: "Well, I'll be a land-lubber! What do I do about that?"

Ignore the problem. He'll drown pretty soon so this will all solve itself.

Failing that, I have another option.


: "That's a nice stick. Lil' fancy fer m' tastes, though.

Bah. Oh well.

I seem to remember a bunch of commercials back in the day having people put cages over their propellers.

: "You know, this cage is like the ones my Dad uses to cover the propellers on our lab boats. I bet it would work just as well on your propeller blades."

: "I'm not sure I'm gettin' ya, kid, but if youse wanta take a shot at tryin' it, I won't holler none."

That might work, but you need something to attach it to the boat.

Damn it, I just can't win today.