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EcoQuest 1: The Search for Cetus

by Roar

Part 20

What the hell IS this thing, anyways?

Some kind of underwater maintenance vehicle has broken down here. The fish and plants are slowly taking it over. A storage panal is just behind the sodden seats.

Really? Cool, let's check that out.

Er, missed.

There we go.

...what in the fuck.

"There's just no privacy on this reef. We're going back to the city!"

Did I just walk in on fish foreplay?

: "Gross me out! It's a mess in there."

Where you see a mess, I see a treasure trove!

Adam picks up the hammer, but it crumbles into rust.


Adam picks up the steels saw.

...a saw. Let's go down the list.

I've got: A deadly lionfish spine, a sharp-as-a-knife shell, a hacksaw and a TRIDENT in my backpack. This is every eight-year-old's dream, and Adam is spending his time talking to fish.

Well, let's go find out what's in this cave that the faggotfish was hiding in.

: "Adam, I can't see where I'm going. Let's get out of here before we get hurt."

Go to hell, you've got echolocation.

: "Adam, I can't see where I'm going. Let's get out of here before we get hurt."

I SAID oh wait the game is kicking me out. Blah.

: "Cave diving has always made me nervous. My dad completely forbids it."

: "I agree with him! No way we should go in there without a light of some kind."

Fine, fine. We won't go in there yet.

I want dead fish!

God you don't let me do anything, maybe you and my dad should start dating or something because you'd be a perfect pair!

Anyways, time to backtrack.

ahahaha he came back.

: "Look at him! He's trying to convince you that he's really a rock. Close but no cigar, huh? Octopi can change both their color and their texture. I heard of an octopus who had a nervous breakdown trying to make himself look like an oriental rug."

I assume that's some sort of a stupid joke (and as such I am going to ignore it) but they can change their texture? That's actually pretty cool.

Maybe he can help me with something that's been bothering me ever since I got that bottle back in the cruise ship hubris.

Adam struggles to remove the lid of the jar but it's stuck on fast! It will take a stronger grip than Adam's to remove that lid.

: "What did I tell you? Octopi are really hung up! I doubt he'll touch it while you're watching. Better hide."

You said nothing about them being hung up and that doesn't make any sense but whatever you obviously know better than I do.

Adam goes one screen to the right, and then back again.

Welp, I guess that solves that. Not that it makes any sense or anything but whatev.

Adam picks up the open jar but keeps one eye on the octopus.

At least he's helpful.

Anyways, I've got an idea.

Herreeee, night-fishy!

Adam senses some movement inside the ear. The flashlight fish darts into the jar and settles in the bottom.

That was easy. All I did was put the damn thing out and it dove in. I thought it wanted dark and enclosed spaces or something. I dunno, I wasn't really paying attention.

: "Wow, look at that, glowing light, just like the Oracle said!"

Jeez, you actually remember the prophecy? I really should pay more attention to that thing.

...wait a second.

The Oracle posted:

Armor for a modern knight,
A net of bones, a wall of stones,
A floating orb, a silver wire,
Will help you in a place most dire.

She didn't say shit about a glowing light.

Dolphy, you suck. Hard.