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EcoQuest 1: The Search for Cetus

by Roar

Part 2

2. Let's clean up this shithole

Thuryl posted:

That kid sure has some terrifying facial expressions.

Is that yellow thing on the chair a folder or something? Check it out.

I'm on the case, gumshoe!

Item get!

Membership card? To what? Shirtless assholes anonymous?

Okay I gotta space these out or I'm gonna drive the shirtless thing into the ground

Felicitations? Who the hell puts "Felicitations" on a membership card?

And also, no eight/ten/whatever year old is going to get a card like this. For real. They were too busy playing video games.

Case in point.

DNE posted:

I think he left his pepsi on the desk, he won't miss it at all. (He is an adult, and can buy another.)


Oh. It's empty. I dumped in the recycle bin on the left and he made a reference to "slamming dunk". I'd feel bad about not capping it, but it'll come up again in about two minutes.

Nick Buntline posted:

We need to be ecological. And like you said, ecological means recycling. Therefore, we must clearly recycle the seagull. It's biodegradable!

This is a sound idea.

Time to go, birdy. You're all clean now and you're just another mouth ta' feed.

Aww, damn.

HitTheTargets posted:

My adventure game sense is tingling. It tells me you can hork the yellow chair cozy, the American coffee mug, the 8-track on the floor, the Binaca by the cages, and the eldritch vase by the recycling bin.

I think the cozy is the envelope, the coffee mug is the can...

Oh yeah, the envelope.

Airplane! Right into the recycle bin.

: "Jordan, look out! Slam dunk!"


The 8-track:

S'okay. Real men don't need hints anyways.

As for the Binaca...

That's one happy hamster.

And finally the vase: I see no vase you are crazy

There are books up there though:

: "55 Fun Ways a Kid Can Make a World of Differene' by Micheael O'Brien. Neato, they put it in the Ecoquest box!"

"'The Student Environmental Action Guide'", Earthworks Group."

"'The Book of Whales'" by Richard Ellis."

"'Vegetarian Macrobiotic Cooking.' Aw, Dad, no way!"

"'The Rainforest Book' by Scott Lewis."

The only reason I bothered with all of that is because they gave me a point a piece for each glance.


First and foremost however, you must always, ALWAYS, rifle through the pockets of any coats or jackets hanging around, in this case that tasteful yellow number.

: "It doesn't fit me."


Okay, now that that's all taken care of, just a few more things...

Let's find out what all of this stupid shit up here says.

...I have no idea what it is Adam's dad does. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the environment, but that could just be a wild guess.

What's in this crazy thing? Fish?

...that's pretty gross.

Imma dump this purple shit inside and make it pretty.

Oh hey, that worked!

Okay, that's all we need to worry about in here. I think. Let's go out and check on the dolphin.

Oh shit. Password.

Maybe "ECO"? That'd be kind of clever.

...or just E. That works too, I guess.

Next time: The dolphin!