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Part 3: YGS - Your Grotto Sucks

YGS - Your Grotto Sucks

WHOOPS did I say there wasn't gonna be an update today? Well, I got the itch to play some Morrowind last night, so, doesn't count.

I downloaded better textures for Mororwind gave myself destruction eye surgery, so things should look a little clearer now.

Also, did I mention that I bought an Iron Saber to practice my Long Blade skills with? Because I bought an Iron Saber to practice my Long Blade skills with.

So anyway, let's check out those islands.

Nothing but a bunch of mushrooms and mudcrabs, really. But hello, what's this just beneath the surface of the bay?

I wasted approximately two hours in this soggy hole getting molested by slaughterfish, and all I got was a hat off some corpse.

It doesn't even have those little goggles on it! But whatever keeps me warm at night, I suppose.

I crawled to shore, short of breath, and took a nice little nap. When I awoke, I felt better. Stronger!
Every ten skill-ups you gain from your major and minor skills will afford you the opportunity to level up the next time you sleep. You can pick three attributes to increase, and each attribute has a different potential increase depending on the skills you emphasized. For example, I got a nice strength bonus for practicing Acrobatics and Long Sword, even though they're not part of my class skills. I'll be trying to emphasize endurance and intelligence more, because we really need to get our health and magicka up.
...but perhaps not as much better as I could have.

Oho? Now this looks much more promising.

My weapons were useless against this apparition, so I had to make do with my clumsy spellcasting.

This skeleton dropped a nice bow and some fire arrows, but I think I sold the bow by mistake?

Making my way to the inner sanctum of the crypt, I deftly opened this little box. It was empty.

This larger, more promising chest had about worth of costume jewelry. Fuck this crypt.

Here's something I've been meaning to try! Apply the spell, kill the thing, and...

MUDCRAB was caught!

Anyway, I went back to town and perused the shop some more. I heard silver weapons are effective against apparitions, so I got myself a silver dagger, and treated myself to a staff. I really needed that staff.