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Part 4: Balmora Ho!

Shugojin posted:

Also, I hope this week gives you time to make some updates.

At first I thought you were just ribbing me about posting an update yesterday when I said I'd be busy, but it turns out I was probated last night for what Slowbeef thought was me making a racist comparison of Redguards to black people in the OP. It turns out he hasn't played Morrowind, and someone pointed out to him later that night that they actually are dark-skinned, and the probation was silently lifted before I logged in this morning. But on that note, Slowbeef, get your ass in here and follow the thread if you haven't played Morrowind!

Balmora Ho!
Wait, what am I thinking? If I recall correctly, I have a package to deliver to some guy in Balmora. Better get on that -- I'd prefer not to be deported for shirking my work.

But not before buying a spear. Gotta have some Argonian pride, after all.

I also decided to support Seyda Neen's clearly barren economy and booked a few sessions of medium armor training with this guy here.

Off we go!

The first mile or so was rather uneventful. Here I am taking a rest in the burg of Pelagiad.

Oddly enough, I found three soul gems during the course of my burglarizing this tavern.

Odder still is this khajiit, Ahnassi. She's apparently a female. I tried to give her some money to leave me alone, but then she tried to hug me and call me its friend in the fruitiest and floweriest way imaginable. She gave me a potion and told me about a problem of hers. Apparently some goon has been telling her to get protected, or he'll do bad things to her. He lives in Gnaar Mok, which is way too far out of my way. Seems like she needs him taken care of something awful, though, so I made a note of it. Stay away from those stairs in the meantime, Ahnassi!

I resumed my journey, and set out towards Balmo-

Oh hell no.

My battle with the cliff racer raged on into the night, and I felled it with a jolt of electricity.

It then occurred to me that I had picked up a potion of levitation earlier. Full speed ahead!

Screw you, bug. I don't need you to go places!

I cannot believe the shit these Balmorans throw away. I found twelve soul gems besides this!

I'm not even going to pretend we need to vote on guild choice.

Then I had to ask the local bar owner for directions to Caius Cosades' house found Caius' house with my keen intuition, and knocked on the door.

Uh, yikes.