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Part 5: Magic, Mixology, and Mycological Monotony

gravyflood posted:

Sorry guys, no update today. I'm sniffly and tired. I did play some Morrowind last night, so with any luck you'll be able to see more Wizard Lizardry tomorrow.
Aw, I can't let you guys down. I'll post what I've got anyway.

Magic, Mixology, and Mycological Monotony

Oh. Right. Gotta give Caius Cosades his package. He takes it, and explains that I'm now working for the Blades. These guys are the emperor's top men, and they're really important for...for some reason. I wasn't paying that much attention. He gave me some gold and told me to do some legwork, establish myself, maybe join a guild, and come back when I was ready for big boy workel.

So I did! Wizard Lizard, Mage Nightblade of the Mages!

I take the opportunity to bone up on my alchemy and conjuration, and get me a Soul Trap spell. Bye, money!

And...oh. Oh, hey. Spellcrafting.

Don't you judge me, goddammit. I want to be able to heal myself without my spells fizzling out when cliff racers are boring down on me.

This khajiit wants us to give her some mushrooms for her guild term paper. No problem, lady! I've got them right...right...


...well, that was decidedly unproductive. I'll just keep them in the chest.







Oh hey I leveled up. Fuck this, I'm tired.