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Part 7: Wherein Wizard Lizard gets tired of Mages' Guild quests for a while

Wherein Wizard Lizard gets tired of Mages' Guild quests for a while

Your reports have been stolen? GALBEDIR!

She doesn't tell us a thing, so we're forced to search the guild hall.

One page is on the ground floor.

And the other is crammed underneath an armoire near where I grinded up my Restoration skill.

Mission accomplished! Ajira happily gives us some high-quality potions, and her thanks. She doesn't have any more work for her, and suggests we ask Ranis. Ranis wants us to do two things. First, we need to collect dues from some deadbeat guild member in a cave, and then we need to convince some independent researcher to join the guild. To the Ashlands!

I'm getting tired of these goddamn assassins, but this one at least dropped a dagger with a poisoning effect.

This man challenges us to a wizarding duel on a foreboding bridge. I didn't get screenshots of it, but he was definitely casting Wizard Beam at me.

With my mana reserves drained, I vanquish him the only other way I know how.

There's an old abandoned dwarf fortress here. Looks sweet, I'll have to remember that.

There are just way too many of these guys here. Guars? I think they're Guars.

Dongs sighted: 1

Precocious, this Scamp was not.

Finally we reach Punabi, where that guildie of ours is holed up.

She explains that she's doing research, and it was rude of us to barge in on her. I grease her palms with 100 gold, and she pays me the 2000 in guild dues.

Her research assistant, however, was less than understanding, so she kinda had to get stabbed. Nice threads, though.

Kinda frou-frou, but they might be good for a gala or something. Hey, does this robe make my ass look big?

In the neighboring upper-class cave of Sulipund, this guy happily joins the Mages' Guild! ...after we give him 300 gold to make him like us. I really need a charm spell.

Geez, it's hard to believe I'm Level 5 already.

Now cut that out.

For all our hard work, Ranis splits the guild dues with us 50/50. She also grants us the rank of Conjurer!

This position certainly has its perks.