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Part 8: Gnaked Gnords and Gneedless Gnorthward Detours

Gnaked Gnords and Gneedless Gnorthward Detours

I've had about enough of Balmora for a while. I need to get outta this town, away from that stuffy ol' guild. Come to think of it, I do have some unfinished business around Pelagiad. Like that jewel thief. Wasn't I supposed to tell him about his mark's crush on him, or something?

Ohgodbackoff. I'm getting pretty handy with this spear, I must say! ...long story short, we get to town, tell the bandit what's what and he hastily writes us a little love note.

She approves! In lieu of a reward, she tells me to pow-wow with her gal-pal in Tel Aruhn if I get the chance. Uh...thanks. So anyway, I head back to the bar to tell that bandit the good news, and-

Oh god keep walking

FINE I'll go to Gnaar Mok and murder a dude. Just...just stop looking at me like that. Now, which way is it? I'm guessing Gnorth.

Seems like there's more monsters than ever on the road, but it's no problem for an accomplished mage such as myself. That conjurer title was bound to come in handy sooner or later.
Now's as good a time as any to explain bound weaponry. It stays for about a minute after you cast the spell, and grants a ten-point bonus to its corresponding weapon skill as long as it's equipped. Bound weapons also have a wild damage range, with the Bound Spear dealing anywhere between 6 and 40 damage per thrust. There's a little bit of luck involved, but this thing can really lay down the pain! Also, I guess I'm doing explanation text from time to time now.

Caldera looks nice, but there's no time for a pit stop now! Gnorthward ho!


This Nord has a distressing tale. Basically, some she-witch took his stuff.

And this Redguard merchant needs an escort to Gnaar Mok. Hey, safety in numbers.

There's the witch! Surrender my friend's gear!

A fierce mages' duel ensues.
Though it's not pictured here, I did make some good use of the ol' fiery shortsword in this fight. Enchanted items can be recharged using soul gems, but they also seem to regain their charge over time! This doesn't happen in Oblivion, so it was quite the shock to me. Handy, though!


Well, that was quick. Our Nord friend salvaged his gear off her corpse, and walked us through a daily workout routine to really get the most out of our quads. +2 strength bonus!

This levitating merchant gave us a shipment of shirts for a clothier in Ald'Ruhn. Sure, no problem! I can do that on the way to Gnaar Mok!

The trip to Ald'Ruhn was nothing to write home about.

This is the wrong clothier, but she asks us to collect some back payments owed by a Dunmer on some jewelry.

We barge into his house and he breaks into tears, almost immediately giving us bundles of extravagant clothing he could never afford. He wants us to return it. It's pretty valuable, and we could hock it, but who knows what we might get if we do the right thing? That's your cue to vote! And don't tell me what the reward is for returning the stuff.

Aha, here's the right tailor. We chat her up and hand over the shirts, telling her we're on the way to Gnaar Mok. She looked confused, but gave me a reward befitting a Conjurer. Sweet belt with a temporary Fortify Willpower spell!

It was around this time that the merchant accompanying me told me that we were nowhere near Gnaar Mok, and that we should've gone west from Caldera instead of gnorth.