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Part 13: Wander Lizard Mage Mage!

Wander Lizard Mage Mage!

So, that orc mage I told you about? She wants a specific dunmer's skull for her freaky dark magic hobbies. Look, you don't need to see the inside of this tomb. It sucks. Like every other tomb.

Turns out the Nerevarine is some reincarnated dunmer who's gonna do cool things and fart happiness for the dunmer race. Big deal. While I'm here, I decide to make a few spells, a damage-over-time of each element, and an awesome ice dagger. They both work very, very well.

Ranis wants us to shut down some unauthorized restoration trainer at the local tavern.

Who happens to be a well-dressed Lizard Brother. We just tell him to train more quietly. That ol' stodgy guild official doesn't need to know.

We also bump into a Thieves' Guild recruiter. I'll join you, lady, but don't tell me how you got your nickname.

Lessee what else we got here. Maar Gan? That sounds exotic. Off we go, apparently!

My new spells kick so much ass that the cliff racers are afraid to come peck my eyes out.

Pretty soon we come across this daedric shrine. It's pretty cool, I guess.




It wouldn't be wandering if we didn't check out at least one tomb!

Not just skeletons, but ghost skeletons. And bonemeal.

Hello, innocent travelers!

Goodbye, innocent travelers!

Not far from these guys was a suspicious cave. What's the fuzz doing here?

Oh, I see. It's a mine.

I calmly walk away with a small fortune in imperial glass.

Speaking of cool caves, I found this one not too far away. One of these crates had a dwarven spear, so I left behind some of my more useless gear for that.

This is fun! The Ashlands aren't such a bad


Goddamn. Finally we reach this daedric shrine by the coast.

Unfortunately, this Power Rangers villain jumps me. And he's, like, third season, at least.

I make liberal use of my friends, and take his heart.

I really need to rest after that. There's a nearby island that looks pretty good for that.

I'm fucking lost. Where's Maar Gan, goons?