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Part 15: Lizard Wizard and the Best Day Ever

Lizard Wizard and the Best Day Ever

So, this guy. We ask him why the hell he shut himself in the basement of this hut. He answers that he was trying to practice commanding a summoned scamp, when suddenly it ran the fuck away and started smashing up the place. Combined with his nudity, this...really gives me the jibblies, so I get the fuck out. Also, it's not even his house.

Our report is good enough for Edwinna, and she gives us some kinda shield scroll, if I remember correctly. Also, I made a mistake -- Edwinna's located in the Ald'Ruhn guildhall, not the Vivec one. In my defense, I hadn't played for nearly a week when I wrote yesterday's update, and those two guildhalls look pretty identical save for some fancy molding. In any event, Edwinna wants us to return the stolen book to its chest. I did that and it was utterly unremarkable. Then she wanted me to collect a dwarven tube from some dwarf fortress I've never heard of so she could study it.

And so I set out for the bitter coast, struggling against all manner of beasts in the wilds...

Haha no. I just got on the Greyhound roach line to Seyda Neen and bought one of my ill-gotten Arnkgthand tubes back off Arrille.

She was grateful for the tube but ohoho no, that doesn't stop her from sending us to some dwarf fortress in bumfuck nowhere to check on her fellow dwarfologist and find out why the dwarf he hasn't mailed off his dwarf report. She gives me some directions to the effect that the place is north of the mountains near Suran. Or something like that, anyway. So I make for the Fields of Kummu. I'm pretty sure I saw a signpost for Kummu around there.

Buuuuut not before some home invasions.

Anyway. Fields of Kummu path. I decide to stop at this farmhouse to pillage some crops and practice my alchemy.

And it pays off! Now we can see the first three effects of any potion ingredients.

And what's this just across the lake? Masonry? Looks like we got us a rich people house to rob!

Burgle burgle!

I stabbed this guy to death so I could loot undisturbed. There were some sweet pauldrons in a nearby crate. A slight downgrade, but they just look too awesome.

Here in the assistant managers' shack, I find something very special. This gal has a glass sword and shield. Her friend just offscreen has a glass dagger. Glass is some of the best light armor in the game, though I'm not a fan of the weapons. They have way too wide of a damage range for my taste. But it's all worth a small fortune, so I explode her kidneys and take her stuff. This includes a key. The key opens a chest.

The chest has an ebony shortsword. Ebony weapons are pretty much the best in the game, apart from some named ones. Satisfied, I wandered off.

This bandit tried to gimme the ol' "Your money or your life" bit. He went down in three stabs from my new sword. It was around this time that I just said 'fuck it' and decided to cut through the hills and mountains to get there.

Another Daedric shrine!

This sorceress tries to cheat by whipping out a dwarven warhammer in the middle of our wizarding duel, so I seize her robes as per regulation.

Finally, we come up on the dwarf fortress. It looks sciencey!

oh man gravyflood it's dark, I don't know what the fuck are you looking at, you should feel bad aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Gutsman is no longer a threat to me with this sword. I'd been using the glass shield for a while, but I put it away since it's light armor, and that would make me level up far too fast.

He couldn't send the report because robots murdered him. Let's get outta here.

In Soviet Russia, steam is available in Morrowind!

Anyway, I'm hiking back to Ald'Ruhn and this guy bites me.

Blight diseases are ridiculous, man. I would've had to drop over 100 pounds of stuff to even walk if I didn't happen to have a potion of Cure Blight Disease.

Even though the numbers say 101, my speed is just 100 after this level. But still, speed cap!

I make a pit stop in Caldera for some rest, relaxation, and a few new pieces of gear. On to Ald'Ruhn!

Here's your damn report. Now, let's see how badass Lizard Wizard looks with all his new stuff.


Man oh man.