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Part 16: Duties Interruptus

Duties Interruptus

Before setting out today, there are a few things I absolutely make sure to do. The first is buy a few spells from this guy. Lizard Wizard can now turn invisible for 30 seconds! This'll probably be good if we run into any more of Lord Zedd's gothy cousins.

Next, I nab some alchemy tools from this crate that I can't believe I missed. I pick up an alembic, calcinator and retort to go with my mortar and pestle. I don't want to get too bogged down in the details, but suffice to say these babies kick our potions up a notch. ....bam.

Hoo boy. I'm not worried about the fortress, but I really don't like the sound of 'Sea of Ghosts'.

We're going waaaaaaaaaaay up north this time.

The other thing we need to do is visit a certain residence in Caldera. I love how the orcs that live here don't even give a fuck about keeping their rich people house clean. Nice touch, Bethesda.

That's a nice everything y-
No, but seriously. This scamp is, oddly enough, a merchant. He carries 5000 gold, and he doesn't buy cheap stuff, so I guess the developers threw him into the game as a means of offloading awesome loot. So naturally I sold my glass gear to him. Mind you, each of these pieces is valued at over 10k gold, so I'm arguably dicking myself over by selling to him, but, uh, what can I say? It bumps my fortune up to 25,000 gold, so I'm not complaining. So anyway, I go hiking from Caldera.

I stumble upon a synchronized goomba dance session, and I interrupt it. To death.

And here's racial fuckup cave! Our first blunder is a wood elf trying to wield a battle axe.

Next up is a nord with no armor. And no fatigue, apparently, since he fell flat on his face after one stab and had to pick himself back up.

The nord was guarding a stash of magic-oriented loot, naturally.

I can't think of an original way to describe the Ashlands again.

Finally, a challenge worthy of my ebony! Prepare thyself, Falasmaryon!

Oh god man it's so dark in here.

These Nemesis-looking fucks are blight carriers, and they can really take a stab. They're the only thing that really stuck out in my mind as a genuine threat here.


dungeon theme sighted

It should be noted that most of this stronghold is a circular hallway, with small rooms here and there. It's a bit monotonous, so I'm sorry if it's not exactly coherent. I didn't exactly get it all. But I digress.

And then I de-glass.

This isn't just some Drowzee-lookin' wizard -- he's got Dagoth in his name! Looks like we're dealing w-

...yes, game, I already figured that out. This amulet looks like it might be an important thing.

Something's going on in there. Let's check that out.

That was some party, man.

I don't remember where I took this screenshot, but I'm pretty sure that's either a Cranidos or another Dagoth attacking me here.

Well, this could be interesting.

Or not. More spooks, basically. Just wanted to point out that this just a rat. Not a Blighted Ash Slave Horror-Rat. Someone dropped the ball here.

I went all the way to the other end of the sewer, and all I found was a crate with an iron mace. Fuck this stronghold.

Thanks a lot, game. I was almost happy.
But hey, we're level 15 and you know what that means! We're ditching this dwarven nonsense and reporting straight to Caius Cosades! Next time, on Wizard Lizard Mage Mage!