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Part 17: Lizard Wizard Does Vivec

Lizard Wizard Does Vivec

I'm baaaaaaaack! I know I held a bit of a brief vote and all, but A) I'm level 15, and B) Fuck dwarf fortresses, so it's off to the main questline for now! It looks like we've gotta go check in with a few informants over in Vivec.

...after some rigorous training. The things I do for stats

Anyway, Vivec is actually just a stone's throw from Pelagiad, so I decided to hike it. What a view.

Vivec is the Temple's city. It's kinda foreboding, isn't it? The city's divided into these weird stone pagoda-like things. Later on I fail to get screenshots of the interior, but rest assured it's just a bunch of goddamn hallways. Our first contact is a thief in the St. Olms building. I asked pretty much everyone as to her whereabouts, but nobody was of much help.

Oh, wait. This guy says she's probably in the Underworks. Which is Vivec-talk for sewer, apparently.

There you are! Addhiranirr has a nosy government man on her back and wants us to take care of it. But first, let's poke around these sewers a bit more.

A shrine?

Oh, the daedric kind of shrine. We'll this for when we can stand up to strong NPCs.

Oh hey! On our way back up, we run into Ahnassi's old mate, the skooma addict. He...he doesn't seem to want to be cured. Okay, whenever you're ready, I guess.

And back on the main level, we find our taxman! Here's how my conversation with him went.
I say, have you seen Addhiranirr around here, boy?
Yeah, she, on a boat and left Vvardenfell forever.
Well, that's utterly problematic! I must give chase!
Off you go, then.

Turns out Addy's been lending her talents as a smuggler to the Sixth House, but not even the workers know what they're moving. Suspicious!

Our next guy is in a bar in the Foreign Quarter. I know it's less coherent without a screenshot of the hallways, but it's also less screenshot-of-the-hallways-y.

He seems anxious.

...oh. He wants to go see his friend at the bookstore, but he's afraid of getting beaten to death by his bigot barmates, who apparently have motion-based vision.


It's not readily apparent, but this is the bookstore. This is how samey these buildings are. Basically, the Temple acknowledges the Nerevarine, but tries to keep the whole resurrection theory down. I guess it's too radical a concept for them or something? I'm pretty sure the Tribunal was mentioned too. They're some kinda ruling vatican-council, I think.

The last informant works in the library in the Temple area, so we catch a quick gondola over to-

I'm gonna ignore that rock for now, if that's all right.

Okay, this is simply great. Here I'm in the barracks of the Ordinators, the breed of guards specific to Vivec. They have pretty fantastic armor, and I just jacked me some of them pauldrons.


After stumbling around for a bit, I find the library, and here she is! This gal tells us about internal strife and books that are important and you can read it yourself.

Need book for quest go to bookstore We also pick up a rare self-help book for skooma addicts that some NPCs have mentioned. Let's go use this in the most obvious way possible!


And hell, Pelagiad's on the way back to Balmora, so we might as well check in with Ahnassi, right?

Don't worry, folks, I have a rape whistle.

I would prefer that you keep your robe on please.

She tells us about a high-level trainer somewhere, and then asks for flowers. We have an absolute shitload of Gold Kanet, but absolutely no Coda Flowers. I know where I've seen some, though. To Vivec!

They won't miss one.

More fun than the hallways, sure. Your turn!

Okay, a Flamemirror Robe does sound pretty burgleworthy. Besides, I have a spell or two to grab in Vivec as it is!

We pick up the whole stable of attribute-restoration spells. Never know when they'll come in handy. I got Mark over at the Mages' Guild, but we'll cover that next update.

I never say no to factions! Do you guys think I should try and get that robe, or should I report in and continue the main quest?