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Original Thread: RPS Simulator 2011 - Let's Play Fate/Extra



What is this game?

A spinoff in Type Moon's Fate series, Fate/EXTRA is a dungeon crawler RPG released on the PSP that released on July 2010 in Japan, and November 2011 everywhere else. Extra is the first video game in the Fate series with an entirely separate plot as the previous two, Unlimited Codes and Tiger Colosseum, both used the same setting and characters as Fate/Stay Night.

Fate/Extra got middling reviews (mostly due to a rather dull combat system), but was successful enough to earn multiple sequels, and even has a full remake in the works!

The Story

Look, Extra's gameplay is subpar at best, all it has going for it is story. I'm not even doing a quick blurb about it, so you don't walk in already knowing things.

Do I need to know anything about Fate to understand this?

Nope! A number of things call back to Stay Night, but all of that is more of a small bonus for fans. The core concepts of the story will get explained properly.

LP Style

Hybrid LP, majority screenshots with the occasional gif to spice things up.

Important moments will get videos, but those will be few and far between.

This LP is using the Perfect Patch made by Iwakura Productions, which adds in subtitles for combat chatter, as well as tweak a few terms to better match later entries in the series.


:siren::siren::siren:DO NOT.:siren::siren::siren:

I don't care that Fate/Grand Order has been out in the west for four years and damn near everything and everyone here has made an appearance there with all secrecy cast aside. A major thing of the series is trying to figure out the True Name of whoever the hero is fighting, and I don't want anyone casually dropping names.

You can talk about anything else in the Fate series, provided it doesn't spoil anything in Extra.

What if I want to support you?

I have a ko-fi link set up over here. Never feel obligated to toss me some money, but it certainly helps!

Table of Contents

Update I - Everyday(I)
Update II - Everyday (II)
Update III - Unnatural mark
Update IV - Worsening bruise
Update V - One more time
Update VI - Night of fate

1.awakening/binary heaven
Update VII - Educational guidance
Update VIII - Missing Ariadne
Update IX - Battle start
Update X - The king's memories
Update XI - Training (Magic Circuit)
Update XII - Boundary field search
Update XIII - Shin-chan and the sea
Update XIV - Blood Temple - VS Rider
Update XIV.I - Rafflesia umbrella

2.arousal/border alliance
Update XV - Remains of Tragedy
Update XVI - Poisonous snake, jack of all trades
Update XVII - Wish
Update XVIII - Means of escape
Update XIX - Star in the fog
Update XX - Fighting back
Update XXI - End of a hero - VS Archer
Update XXI.I - Fall down, your mind

3.disillusionment/suspended animation
Update XXII - Light-hearted promise
Update XXIII - Sugar candy teatime
Update XXIV - The Strongest Enemy
Update XXV - Developing means
Update XXVI - Sea of memories
Update XXVII - For your forgetful self
Update XXVIII - Suspicious pair
Update XXIX - On the verge of a dream
Update XXX - Walpurgis night - VS Caster
Update XXX.I - Witch's mark
Update XXXI - Choice
Update XXXII - What is burned in

4.immortality/howl of the blue moon
Update XXXIII - The fourth Master
Update XXXIV - The blond girl and how it began
Update XXXV - A strange senpai
Update XXXVI - Cooperation Established
Update XXXVII - When death comes to us
Update XXXVIII - What it means to be a vampire
Update XXXIX - The blond girl and how it ended - VS Berserker
Update XXXIX.I - People die when they are killed

4.MONSTROSITY/telesthetic longing
Update XL - Differing person
Update XLI - Old man
Update XLII - Hurry go round
Update XLIII - Death Circus - VS Lancer
Update XLIII.I - Reaction, not quite good

5.un born/dead end
Update XLIV - Invisible Servant
Update XLV - Hard fighting
Update XLVI - Peeping incident: Caught red-handed
Update XLVII - Shining star
Update XLVIII - Small resistance
Update XLIX - Creeping shadow of the demon
Update L - Release of the seal
Update LI - Elegant moonlight - VS Assassin
Update LI.I - Assassin's attack
Update LII - Anachro-analog Rin
Update LIII - Rin and high tech

6.maturity/final flowering
Update LIV - Invader
Update LV - Is my Master aptitude low?
Update LVI - The battle of today's menu
Update LVII - Averting one's gaze
Update LVIII - Rejection of Battle
Update LIX - Panic sonic roller coaster - VS Lancer
Update LIX.I - Rin's treatment
Update LX - I am breaking from my usual naming scheme to restate my utter loathing of Week 6 in the 2011 PSP RPG: Fate/Extra
Update LXI - Nutcracker doll - VS Berserker
Update LXI.I - Is silence best?

7.Genesis/a new hope
Update LXII - Last boy meets girl
Update LXIII - 100 views of corpses
Update LXIV - That which cannot be surrendered
Update LXV - You're my only star
Update LXVI - Afternoon light
Update LXVII - Full armor double Saber
Update LXVIII - Misery
Update LXVIII.V - Rin strikes back!
Update LXIX - Sparks liner high - VS Saber
Update LXIX.I - That which cannot be changed

Update LXX - Price of survival
Update LXXI - All evils of the world
Update LXXI.I - One conclusion
Update LXXII - All the good in this life
Bonus: NG+ Voting

Bonus Update: Fate/the Fact
Bonus Update 2: Cut Content

Playthrough 2: Saber
Update LXXIII - Rebirth
Update LXXIV - Insect from hell
Update LXXV - Saber's circumstances
Update LXXVI - Assault
Update LXXVII - Saber-san angry
Update LXXVIII - Shooting
Update LXXIX - Power game
Update LXXX - Familiar kid
Update LXXXI - Killing and a fancy bear
Update LXXXII - Suspicious girl
Update LXXXIII - I can't decline - The blond girl
Update LXXXIV - Melty Blood
Update LXXXV - Last stand Saber
Update LXXXVI - The serious stuff
Update LXXXVII - Saber lately
Update LXXXVIII - Funny clothes
Update LXXXIX - Saber acting strange
Update XC - Question for Saber
Update XCI - So, it's strong
Update XCII - Overlooking View

Playthrough 3: Archer
Update XCIII - No concern for safety
Update XCIV - Absence of Saber
Update XCV - Gold rush?
Update XCVI - Great problem at the archery club
Update XCVII - One day at the archery club
Update XCVIII - Illya strikes back!
Update XCIX - Sword and magic
Update C - About the projection magic
Update CI - Murder at the empty mansion
Update CII - Bare-knuckle Rin
Update CIII - And thus I pray, Unlimited Blade Works
Update CIV - Twelve Labors
Update CV - Justice and the kitten
Update CVI - Morning in the Emiya Household
Update CVII - A distant back
Update CVIII - At the end of a miracle

Information Matrix
Player Information Matrix - Caster (Final)
Player Information Matrix - Saber (Final)
Player Information Matrix - Archer (Final)
Week 1 Information Matrix - Rider
Week 2 Information Matrix - Archer
Week 3 Information Matrix - Caster
Week 4 (Rani Route) Information Matrix - Berserker
Week 4 (Rin Route) Information Matrix - Lancer
Week 5 Information Matrix - Assassin
Week 6 (Rani Route) Information Matrix - Lancer
Week 6 (Rin Route) Information Matrix - Berserker
Week 7 Information Matrix - Saber
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