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Part 15: Upgradin' the Nautilus.

Chapter 15 - Upgradin' the Nautilus.

Get ready for a goddamn fetch quest. Actually, wait. That's the wrong word. ITEM collecting! I'M A SCHOLAR, YAAAY.

Blackbelt Bobman, if you're reading this, be sure to point out in that upcoming Lufia 2 thread you're doing that you THREATENED me not to do (and I wasn't going to anyways!) that Natsume stole a totally awesome concept from this game.

A little bit west of Amur (the first town in the "new" world) resides this handsome young island.

And there resides a home to an underwater cave

Correction! Undersea Cave!

Dirty little Wench! If you're playing either version of FF3 and you just got your ship to go underwater, I'm going to say now that you can pump out levels like no other here.

Sweet. I'm using a Dragoon right now because, well... enemies in here are weak against Lighting. I've got 2 lightning spears. But I like Knights, like, a lot. This makes me happy.

Diamond stuff protects against lighting, or something. I don't know. Shields? Well, I actually may have a use for these come later.

This place is only 3 levels long, so it's not drawn out, thankfully.

I was totally hoping for an awesome weapon here, but this doesn't really do anything but paralyze enemies. It's weak as hell

Another fucking diamond shield. There a use for this?

Okay NOW WE'RE talking.

Actually, I can't remember what black holes do. I'm assuming they're insta-deaths for enemies when used in battles. Like X-Zone.

Castes Haste in battle? I never use them.

If there's one thing this game is good at, it'd be trying to make you diversify your party more. Like so, it's given me a harp when bards were never useful.  Truth: they never were useful before! 

Diamond ring! Rings go for spellcasters, and Tacos is a White Wizard, insta-equip.

Like always, valuable!

Knights and stuff equip Gauntlets, and since McFly as taken the role of semi-full-time armor tank, he gets this.

I can use this on myself!

If that giant hole in the wall wasn't an indication to anything...

4 chests! But guess what! There's a surprise in each one!

An Aegis shield! But... monster!

This little shit hit me from the back. He was easy, though.

Only vikings equip hammers, and well... Vikings kind of blow, sad as that is

GURR! These enemies are annoying as shit. Why?

They split themselves! In the DS version, this isn't so bad, because the maximum amount of enemies on screen is 3, due to graphical limitations (notice the slowdown when someone attacks with 3 enemies on screen?). This game, you can be tagged by six, if they split enough.

Reflect armor. I forgot why this is useful.

DeathClaws. You thought the last enemy was bad...

This fucker splits when you hit him and he doesn't die


Damn straight I got a blood spear

This enemy was just a goddamn pussy, despite back attacking me.

Also, look at this screen a little closer. If you don't see it, good.

I started playing at like level 24. That dungeon gave me 7 level ups.

I'm done for now.

 Time to find that perfect song...