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Part 16: Sidequests and Item Collecting!

Chapter 16 - Sidequests and Item collecting!

We've got a little more item collecting before we move on. This next area resides deep in the sea. But obviously, you'd figure that out, since we just got a ship that can go under.

It's right under Salonia, so you can expect...


I always considered the possibility of being able to enter caves from underwater in a submarine and the cave isn't completely flooded in.

Oh, and here's the music to the catacombs, or something.

Cool, Golem Staff. Now let me tell you about these. This golem staff here isn't very strong, but it will cast petrify. Equip 2 of these, and enough direct hits will stone the enemy to death

I already have an Aegis shield, why would I need a second one?

 The answer may surprise you! 

Gaia armor for my defunct Geomancer that'd always cast spells on himself.

And more reflect armor. Yaaay!

Another bell, which... well, I'm not gonna use.

Hay see this wall?

Nice things exist here.

This enemy is pathetic. It takes 2 hits to bring it down.

Same with this enemy.

Do you have stairs in your catacombs?

Remember this place?

Hey is that

I dunno, sitting in a peaceful slumber for you is being backed into a wall hiding in underwater catacombs? Well, sorry!

Uh oh...

Let's Play Fight Odin


I made better commentary in the video itself...

I cut the guitar solo off too soon

Next update: an actual dungeon!