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Part 18: Ancient Ruins, splitting enemies ohgod.

Chapter 18 - Ancient Ruins, splitting enemies ohgod.

So here are the ancient ruins. Before you get your ship blown up at Salonia, you can head over here and level up in the first area. The enemies here drop good loot.

This one in particular. Of course, the underwater cave drops better loot now...

A couple of scholars are figuring out what the hell to do right now.

Isn't Adamantite used in forging super awesome weapons?

Unne uses her staff of pseud-destruction to send these stones away.

Hey, I'm sure it is! If anything, you're looking for young males to feel up. After sleeping for awhile, even an old woman has a sex drive.

2 doors, which one?

This door contains more reflect armor! Yay?

The other door contains more scholars and 3 doors, which contain...

Weapon and armor shops!

Of course, what they're selling is absolutely worthless...

Hey, remember these?

They split when you hit them!

There's a small split here with two rooms. One contains a rune bell...

The other is elven claws. Of course, Virgin does more damage with bare fists now, so these are kind of worthless.

This is a long, drawn-out cave.

The game does grant you one little happy point by giving you this fake wall, therefore saving you 8 steps


Well, these enemies are a bit harder. They still split, too.

A good hit from McFly will kill 'em in one shot, though.

Hey! Remember this guy?

He's packin' the black holes, whatever that means.

These guys are just annoying as well.

Woo! a long bridge! This signifies something important!

Damn straight! I don't care who owns this ship, cause it's FUCKING MINE now.

Final Fantasy VI stole this scene.

Only the Invincible is a thousand times cooler than the Falcon.

Unne explains all the mechanics here, I won't bother commenting on them, really...

But wait, there's more!

I love the description. "Like vending machines," only that I haven't seen a single vending machine in this game.

Well, we all need beds.

I thought he was dead? Oh wait, no...

Sweet. I can finally destroy those 3 statues.

Oh, that just sounds awesome! I can't wait!

Now why would an old man and an old woman want to meet me at their house?

Here's the weapon vending machine. As you can see, there's nothing really special. The game for some reason thinks you'll be a Scholar again, and tries to sell you books for them.


The armor selection is alright. I have enough diamond gear as it is, and well... HEY LETS GET MORE!

And I've already had access to these spells already.

First line of business!

Fly over this mountain!

The statement that The Invincible can fly over mountains is an overstatement. It can fly over "small patches" of mountains.

And we enter a new town!


Well, the weapon selection blows. No one can equip the Ashura, and hunters are kind of useless now.

Same with the armor store.

Thankfully these trees can be walked through...

Yay! I didn't have to buy that armor!

Inside the waterfall lies an old man...

Well I dunno.

Oh shi-

Hah, 2 hits.

Sounds strong.

All this dark equipment is making me thing DarkId is in need of a makeover.

Yeah, they can use both weapons THEN. If you're talking about Ninjas now? Well, they just blow.

I find that statement to be shallow and pedantic.

This is kind of a big cave with lots of annoying hidden paths.

A hammer! A shame really. I never did use vikings.

It's packin' the good equipment for magic/mystic/dark knights, at least.

250 attack damage is well... impressive.

Another set of demon armor. Sweet!

In that case, Virgin gets to be an M. Knight too.

Found out what these guys are capable of!

Next time...