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Part 21: Leviathan and Bahamut make a guest appearance.

Chapter 21 - Leviathan and Bahamut make a guest appearance.

Hey, remember this place? It's quite familiar. Quite.

It's time I finished what I started, and took care of Lake Dol.

I got all the items here, just one last thing to do...

WATER! you know that means importance by now, right?

Hey who is that

Leviathan is establishin' his Final Fantasy street cred, here, yo.

Got more tentacles than...


It's like a riot when they use a firehose to spray away the protesters! If it worked for Seattle, it'll work for Final Fantasy!

16 hits for 2064 damage

Wasn't that hard...

Yeah, fuck that.


Water magic is okay, I guess...

Lake Dol is forever finished. You can't go back. Oh well. I got all the items and the enemies weren't that great for experience anyways


Oh, well, one last sidequest.

Enemies here give great experience. It's one of the top places to level up in the DS version. Enemy spawns here are really random in the NES version. You can get up to 5700 experience if you get enough enemies.

Not water, but falling death holes. Only you can't fall in.

My 7th Golem Staff!

I'm just gonna be flat out honest with you guys. I have no idea what any of these do.


Also useful!

Yay! Not useful at all!

Damn straight, I can. I molested your children, too.

Hey what the


Wuh oh

Oh, that wasn't so hard.

The victory fanfare plays here a bit.

And his summon magic is placed in your inventory.

Let's move on...


From here on out, it's all about beating the game.