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Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

by Haifisch

Part 3: Blue Skinned Bastards

Last time, we got the phone number to our assassins' hideout. Let's get going, eh?

(Music: Welcome to the Salon)

: This woman could be quite a bedeviling bit of trouble for us. She needs to be erased -- tonight. Confound that Nearsighted Jeego! His skills are as feeble as his eyesight.

: Hmm, yes...But, I say, the last thing I ever expected was to talk to the target herself...even if it was only over the telephone. I must admit, my good man, it put me in quite the tizzy there for a moment! Fah ha ha!

Other than really goddamned fancy?

: These oddly luxurious furnishings...this oddly refined music...and that odd little machine...I've never seen a room like this before. But one thing's for sure...these people are assassins. And, what's more...that red-headed woman is another of their targets.

: Maybe it'll give me some information on my redhead.

I could do that...or I could head right back to the junkyard. It's clear what the better option is here.


: I wonder if that red-headed woman is still here?

: The junkyard is such an out-of-the-way place. It'll take them a while to get here. Until they arrive, though, it looks like she's watching over your body.

: The ghosts are already here! Heh heh.
: Hey, cut that out! She'll think I'm haunting the place!
: In any case, just leave this place to me. You go out and pursue your mystery.

That was very slightly informative. Well, let's head back to do what we're supposed to be doing.

Jumping over to the folder isn't that hard. But then the blue-skinned bastard closes it on us!

: The process should be complete in about thirty minutes, sir.
: Hmm, yes...but confound that Jeego, I say! Every year, his "reliable range" gets shorter and shorter! He'll get coal in his next pay envelope, confound it!
: Or might I suggest glasses in his envelope instead, sir?

: But I can't read it when it's closed...

Let's open it up with a ghost trick, then!

: Great scott! D-did you see that?! The file...I say! The file reared up and snapped at me, my good man! Nearly bit my head off!
: Not to worry, sir. I've already seen to it that the target, Miss Lynne, is no longer a threat, sir.
: Bah! That's not what I'm talking about, man!

Yep. No more awkwardly referring to her as "the redheaded woman."

: But this's like it's written in a foreign language. I can't read it at all.

: Might I suggest putting away the file and relaxing, sir? You have a very important job ahead of you tonight, sir.

: This is a pickle. The phone and I got put away neatly, and the only thing I've learned is the name "Lynne." This sure is a weird room. (I traveled through the phone line to get here...but where exactly is "here"? And who exactly are these people?

Well, we won't find any of that out just sitting here. Let's jump up to the projector above the chandelier.

Activate it, and...

: My apologies, sir. But I did not touch it, sir. It appears the equipment is still malfunctioning, sir.
: Bah! Granted, technology is certainly a convenient thing. But our use of it is just plain "off", confound it! Hmm, any case, I don't wish to see the face of our current target, my good man.
: As you wish, sir. In that case, may I suggest this instead, sir?

(Music: Intermission ~The Deepening of the "Night")

Hey, it's us! Lookin' good, as always.

You have no idea how happy I am that I can refer to Sissel by name now.

: Hmm,'s a very important night indeed, my good man. We can't afford to make mistakes. And that is why we can't afford to trust that, we must be very careful...

: That must be my name... (Now that I hear it, it DOES sound familiar...) A deal, eh? What could that be all about? (Just what exactly was I up to, I wonder?)

: Hmm, all we have to do is pluck the fruit of success! Fah ha ha!

: And another thing. There seems to be some kind of connection between me and this "Lynne." Why else would our names both come up here like this?

Well, that's that for now. But what happens if we mess with the projector some more?

: My apologies, sir. It appears to be another malfunction, sir.
: Well get it fixed, man, unless you want to see ME malfunction!
: Certainly, sir.

Okay, enough mucking around. What you have to do is start making the painting/monitor spin again, but go into ghost mode while it's spinning. Time it right, and... can jump into the painting. Then you have to wait for them to go through the "are you trying to give me the vapors?!" routine again so that the painting is reset to where it originally was.

Having done that, the apparent leader of the blue skinned assassins gets something new to say.

: What with paintings spinning around and the like! It's enough to give a man the jitters!
: My apologies, sir. The room was just completed recently, sir. We are still trying to iron out the kinks, sir.
: Hmm, yes...I just hope that's all it is. I mean, egad man! How am I supposed to relax and enjoy my grapes?

Now we just jump to the podium the servant keeps whacking, and Trick it to get the phone to come back. Like so:

: It's even more pathetic to be startled by the same telephone twice. Bah!
: The problem must be solved, sir. The "Miss Lynne" problem, sir...
: (What?! "Lynne"...?!)


: Yes, sir. I sent "One Step Ahead" Tengo to her apartment, sir. That telephone call must be him reporting in, sir.
: Very good, very good.

: Lynne is in danger again!

Luckily, the phone is effectively right next to us.

: No. She isn't back yet.
: What?
: It only stands to reason. If the target got here first, they wouldn't call me "One Step Ahead", now would they?
: ......I don't get it...But in any case, man, once you've taken care of her--
: Then you'll promote me to the head of the hitman division...?
: Bah! No, man! Now you're even getting "one step ahead" of me!
: We can discuss my new salary later.
: Great Scott! Now you're even getting one step ahead of your last one step ahead!
: I'll get back to my job now, sir.
: Confound it! Now you're even hanging up one step ahead!

From junkyards to fancy rooms in...wherever this apartments. This game takes you all over the damned place.

: He asked me to raise his salary.
: What will you do, sir?
: Maybe I'll give him some of Nearsighted Jeego's pay.

: Lynne...I can't lose her! she's my only lead if I ever hope to solve the mystery of me!

No we can't. But first, let's mess with these guys some more by flipping the table over again.

: My apologies, sir. But I did not touch it, sir.
: Ah, I get it now! You're trying to kill me off so you can take my place, aren't you?! Confound it, I may be losing my hair...but my ticker is as robust as my eyebrows are thick!

As much fun as this is, we can't bug these guys forever. So next time we'll be heading off to...

New Record Info:
Eyebrowed Villain
Masked Muscleman
Luxurious Parlor